Bucs Exposed The Packers As Frauds

November 9th, 2009

Lost amid the giddy feeling of a Bucs win yesterday — first one in almost an entire year — may be a small fact the Bucs helped people realize: the Packers aren’t that good.

Maoist Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports went so far as to call the Packers a “fraud,” thanks to the Bucs.

Last week, I told you the Green Bay Packers weren’t ready for prime time. On Sunday, they looked like a bunch of miscast actors on a low-rated show headed for cancellation. Playing the previously winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay (4-4) allowed the Bucs (1-7) to stay in the game via a blocked punt for touchdown, an 83-yard kickoff return and an Aaron Rodgers interception that set up an early TD – and, in the end, let Josh Freeman, a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start, produce the big plays in a 38-28 victory. “[Expletive] that was rough,” inside linebacker Nick Barnett(notes) wrote via text message Sunday night. Yeah it was. Conversely, it was a great day for the home team and rookie coach Raheem Morris, who got his first career victory. Wearing their retro Creamsicle jerseys, the Bucs and their frustrated fans partied like it was 1979, as they should have. The Packers, meanwhile, flew back to Titletown wondering if they can regroup, with the Cowboys coming to Lambeau Field next Sunday. This embarrassing defeat will either go down as the game that compelled the Packers to break out of their funk, or as the moment it officially sunk in that this team is a fraud.

Could the Bucs — and Freeman — maybe expose the Dolphins as a fraud this weekend as well?

3 Responses to “Bucs Exposed The Packers As Frauds”

  1. tony Says:

    it is conditional statement… if they have a bad season then this game exposed them.

  2. David Says:

    I believe the Dolphins are a fraud, but I also believe that the Buccaneers are not the team to expose them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ronnie Brown doesn’t have the greatest game of his career against the Bucs and his former teammates Caddilac Williams. The Wildcat offense will be running wild on the Bucs next Sunday…

  3. David Says: