Bucs Didn’t Do Gamblers Any Favors

November 9th, 2009

One can call Joe a boring guy. He’s not into fantasy sports (Joe’s fantasies have zero to do with sports) and he doesn’t like to gamble, save for an NCAA basketball pool.

Joe is even of the mind that gambling takes away from the enjoyment of watching games, not an enhancement as some gamblers would suggest.

So the fate of gamblers is not forefront in Joe’s mind when he watches games. So Joe became curious when he began receiving frantic texts while at the CITS yesterday in the fourth quarter of the Bucs win over the Packers.

Joe has a good friend, Vitto, who is a highly successful high school football coach up north. Vitto, a hardcore football fan if there is one, is known to dabble on a weekly basis with his short-term investment broker over games.

So while Joe was at the CITS yesterday, Joe started receiving a flood of texts from Vitto early in the fourth quarter. The first raised Joe’s eyebrow:

“Is Green Bay playing that bad or is TB playing that good?”

Joe knows Vitto is a Steelers fan, so right away Joe knew Vitto had money on the game. Joe just didn’t know how much Vitto had riding on the game. Joe found out a few texts later when Vitto wrote:

“I have GB in a survivor pool for $277k. Now I am going to commit suicide.”

Browsing around the interwebs today, Joe has learned quite a few people took a bath on the Bucs, specifically those who had the Packers in a survivor pool.

While Joe is happy today, he admits he hasn’t heard from Vitto yet this morning.

One Response to “Bucs Didn’t Do Gamblers Any Favors”

  1. Dub Says:

    With over 80% of wagers were placed on the Packers this weekend, yes, the books came out on top. But with the Bucs 2-6 against the spread this season, I will continue to do like I have done since week 1 and play against Bucs. If you’ve wagered $100 against the Bucs every week, you would have a profit of $380 so far.

    Hmmm…with Tampa Bay having one of the worse rushing defenses allowing 4.8 yards per carry facing the wildcat this weekend…I would where I should put my money???