Who Is Next To Be Traded?

October 17th, 2009
Will Michael Clayton be sent packing by Tuesday?

Will Michael Clayton be sent packing?

So Mark Dominik pulled the trigger and stole a second round pick from the Bears for Gaines Adams. Well done Mr. Dominik, well done.

Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune suggests there may be more trades to come before Tuesday’s trade deadline.

With the NFL trade deadline coming up on Tuesday there’s a chance the Bucs will work quickly to fill the hole they created at right defensive end by dealing the ever-disappointing Adams.

Though it may be wiser to wait and what’s available to them in the draft, the Bucs could try to work a deal for one of the notable defensive ends who are expected to hit free agency next spring.

You have to give up something to get something. So who might be the Bucs dangling?

Michael Clayton is too obvious. A change of scenery just might help him but Joe wonders if Dominik would be so willing to admit a (costly) mistake by unloading him? And just what team would willingly eat his contract?

Ronde Barber also springs to mind. Joe loves Barber but imagine what he can do for a Super Bowl contender?

The Bucs have quite a stable of running backs so someone could easily be sent packing there. Cadillac Williams perhaps? 

The next few days could be quite interesting.

One Response to “Who Is Next To Be Traded?”

  1. Culverhouse Says:

    Thank you GOD! gaines adams was traded!! but now back to business, call me crazy but i think we have to pull trades on: barder, clayton, cadillac. I know you´re all going to say barber shouldn’t be traded but he just has to he’s lost 3 steps and, caddy sorry but 2 blown knees in almost as many years in the league and he’s yet to play all 16 games in one season, sorry but deal him while you can! and while you’re at it throw in CCC + free shipping hahaha. Those are my 2 cents..