Donald Penn Says He Can Play In The NBA

October 17th, 2009

Listed at 6-5, 305 lbs., on the Bucs roster (he’s probably more like 325), Donald Penn is hardly a symbol of fitness.

He’s a tough, gifted, smooth-footed left tackle, but he hardly looks capable of running the floor in NBA. 

Penn, however, disagrees.

A former All-State high school basketball player in California, Penn said he could score a long term contract in the NBA right now. He made this ridiculous proclamation on Thursday’s edition of Total Access, a Buccaneers Radio Network show on 620 WDAE-AM.

Penn spoke of how he credits his basketball footwork and skills for preparing him for a football career and he grew up believing he was an NBA star in the making.

Apparently, that dream hasn’t died.

“I played power forward, center, but I was always one of those power forward/centers that liked to get the ball at the top of the key and take somebody to the hole. I think that if I got a 10-day NBA contract, it would turn into a long term deal. I think so,” Penn said. “I had two schools come to my high school [basketball games] and after the game they both offered me scholarships to play football.”

Joe will take the bait, considering the NBA preseason is in full swing.

Donald Penn thinks hes NBA material. For Joe, that immediately conjured memories of fan favorite Robert Tractor Traylor.
Donald Penn thinks he’s NBA material. For Joe, that immediately conjured memories of another 300+ pounder: fan favorite Robert “Tractor” Traylor.
So Penn, where would you play?
Are you an undersized and overweight power forward? Perhaps the next Robert “Tractor” Traylor? Or would you slim down to play small forward (still too short) so you could fight through back screens and chase guys like Vince Carter, Hedo Turkoglu and Paul Pierce around the court?
Joe wonders what Penn is thinking.
But hearing Penn talk more about his approach to football and life, it’s understandable that he thinks he can do anything.

“I think you have to play everything with confidence,” Penn said Thursday. “That’s one of the things that makes me as good as a player as I am. Because I go in every game with a big swagger, and I think nobody’s going to be able to beat me even though it does happen sometimes. I do get beat sometimes but I still, if somebody beats me one play they ain’t going to beat me again. I go back and forth. I just have that confidence about myself. And it’s been like that forever. A lot of people told me I couldn’t do things growing up and, you know, I overcame a lot. I lot of people didn’t think I was going to make it to the NFL. Because growing up I always thought NBA. But it’s just been a confidence thing that I go with.”

Joe is glad Penn has no prayer of sniffing the NBA. The Bucs need him here too badly. It’s time to give the man six-year deal.

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  1. UfoJoe Says:

    His Dad was an NBA prospect but wound up taking a different, non-sports, path.