New Opportunities For Wilkerson, White & Moore

October 16th, 2009

Former Bucs DE Steve White

Bucs nation is rightfully ecstatic about the Gaines Adams trade. Count former Bucs defensive end Steve White among the excited Bucs faithful. 

White is a blogger and author who writes the stellar Bull Rush column for In his last column, White explained that Jimmy Wilkerson should get more chances to rush from the left side, where Adams spent most downs.

With Adams gone, Wilkerson is now free to play to his strengths.

Tonight, White wrote that he sees the trade as good for both the Bears and the Bucs.

I personally think that Gaines will thrive in Chicago being coached by my old defensive line coach, Rod Marinelli (he better at least or Rod will crush him). On the other hand I can see the Bucs having some addition by subtraction. Now Greg White can take over as a starter on the right side bringing good pressure even on early downs. Jimmy Wilkerson will also get more opportunites to rush from left end as well. And finally now that Kyle Moore is healthy he can get some looks as a rush guy inside on 3rd downs.

White also told Joe that he expects Adams will need a full offseason with Marinelli to reach his potential. For now, Gaines will be “a rotation guy at best” behind the Bears’ starting ends.

3 Responses to “New Opportunities For Wilkerson, White & Moore”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    I was really curious that when Monte left, why they didn’t try to hire Rod Marinelli as his replacement. He would have been my first choice at the time, even with the Detroit resume. But Noooooooo…we got Bates! LOL

  2. Sgt Mike Says:

    I concur!

  3. Anthony Says:


    Heard you on the Radio today, awesome stuff. I learned more in your 10 minute segment then I have listening to Adam Schien on Sirius for a year. Well done, enjoy your posts and radio bits.