Warren Sapp Must Be Sick Of Trent Dilfer

October 28th, 2009
Warren Sapp is tired of Trent Dilfers rants.

NFL Network's Warren Sapp is tired of BSPN's Trent Dilfer's rants.

Joe has made it abuntantly clear he is not a BSPN-kinda guy (though Jenny Dell has somewhat opened his mind).

One of the reasons Joe hates BSPN is the agenda those clowns always have, and always pound the same half-dozen teams down a viewer’s throat. So Joe generally stopped watching years ago, sans for college football and basketball games.

On the rare occasion that Joe has been channel surfing and seen former wretched Bucs quarterback Trent Dilfer talk on the NFL, he seems polished, knowledgeable and well-researched.

Then Joe remembers what a horrible quarterback he was and whatever Dilfer says is lost on Joe.

Apparently, Warren Sapp is of the same mind. The former Bucs great, now an analyst for the far superior NFL Network, apparently is getting tired of Dilfer — of all people — crushing Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

So Sapp blasted his former teammate on his Twitter account.

I See Trent Dilfer Has Forgotten All Those Pick 6’s He threw In Tampa!! WOW!!

That’s pretty much what Joe thinks. How can Dilfer fire on a quarterback for being horrible when he was equally as horrible?

It reminds Joe of when alleged sexting practitioner Sean Salisbury used to unload on quarterbacks. What the hell did he ever do in the NFL?

6 Responses to “Warren Sapp Must Be Sick Of Trent Dilfer”

  1. Gnorb Says:

    How does the old saying go, “Those who can’t, teach”? Seeing (and saying) how something is done, especially from a television desk, is far easier than actually doing it on the field, as anyone who has reported on sports but not actually played them knows. So is it hypocritical for Dilfer to pick on any QB? Not really, since the only difference between Dilfer and any of his non-player counterparts is the fact that he’s gone out there and shown he wasn’t all that great a player. (And although he may not have been able to overcome them, I’m sure Dilfer didn’t go out there and pretend his weaknesses didn’t exist.) His skills as an analyst aren’t necessarily tied to his skills as a player. Is it hypocritical for him to talk about something he himself was weak on? Not any more than it is for any mediocre player who went on to become a successful coach or analyst to point out weaknesses in other people. Anyone who has ever done anything that required skill and has been asked to critique others on the same can attest to that.

  2. John Says:

    simple.. dilfer won a superbowl..

  3. Bil Says:

    Actually John, that is not quite correct. Dilfer DIDN’T LOSE a Super Bowl.

  4. oar Says:

    Hey watch it guys, Dilfer holds the record for the longest td pass(96yds) thrown in a SuperBowl. Who cares if it was a 6 yd throw to ole Shannon “crazy legs” Sharpe!

  5. Jeff Carlson Says:

    Gnorb hits this one out of the park (that is a baseball reference). If we are going to take shots at former player’s OPINIONS, why would ever give any bit of credibility to John Clayton’s OPINIONS or anyone else?
    Does Jon Gruden, Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, Bill Walsh, Mike Holmgren, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells, Vince Lombardi or any other person deserve an OPINION? None of the aforementioned ever stared into Mike Singletary’s eyes before a snap. None have ever recognized a blitz with the play clock counting down and audibled to a different play. None have ever been crushed by a blindside hit and gotten up to call another play to get crushed once again. Heck, not one has thrown a single completion in the NFL, nor faced the daily physical and mental grind to make a professional ball club, but their OPINION is valued in the millions of dollars.
    Who better to have an OPINION of a bad QB than a bad QB? Dilfer knows what that looks like and so do I–I say good morning to him in the mirror each morning while shaving.
    As Colonel Nathan R. Jessop (Jack Nicholson) was making the point to Leuitenant Daniel Caffey (Tom Cruise) in “A Few Good Men” that if you haven’t been there, don’t judge the way it gets done. Just say “Thank you and be on your way”. Jessop asks Caffey, “Are we clear?” Caffey’s and the rest of the critical class respond, “Crystal”. If you are too young for this reference, try TNT once in a while and you’ll catch the classic cinematic showdown.
    I also know what it is like to be asked to throw a “Hail Mary” with no time left on the clock and down by a few scores. Those “INT’s” go on your record too, as Josh Johnson found out last week.

  6. Mike Says:

    oar, that pass to Sharpe was in the AFC Championship game, not the Super Bowl…

    Dilfer is paid to give his opinions. What good what he be to just praise everyone? He is a lot better as an analyst than a QB, and he is probably a better golfer than an analyst.