Coaching Changes Coming

October 28th, 2009

Joe is trying to figure out which Bucs coaches will not be back in 2010

Anwar Richardson’s question-and-answer column with the Tampa Tribune contained so many gems, Joe couldn’t just hold it to one item.

When a reader asked if Raheem the Dream will survive this season, Richardson pointed out it depended on several factors. However, Richardson wrote with no qualifiers that there will be changes to the Bucs coaching staff.

Q: When will the Glazers finally fire this sad excuse for a coach and get someone who knows what they are doing to coach this team? I have been a fan all of my life and at this point it’s sad to see a once Super Bowl team doing so poorly. I know that teams have their off seasons but come on, even when Gruden was the coach we still WON some games but this guy “RAH” as the team calls him sucks in ways that are just sad to see in the NFL period. Glazers, do everyone a favor FIRE this rotten coach and get someone who can do the job. I mean, come on, throw out the vets for players that have no clue? How sad.
Jeanette Denson, Dewitt, Va.

A: If it makes you feel any better, many Bucs fans just like yourself are frustrated. Raheem could lose his job if the team goes 0-16, but if the Bucs squeak out some wins, expect some assistant coaches to be let go instead. There will be coaching changes in the offseason, but they may not include the one you’re hoping for.
— Anwar Richardson

Notice that phrase, “will be?” Those are not Joe’s words, those are Richardson’s. Not “may be,” but “will be.”

OK, Joe asks: Who will get run?

Ready… set… go!

8 Responses to “Coaching Changes Coming”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I’ve noticed there have been no more reports on Olsen getting a contract extension. I like him and think it would be damaging to the development of Freeman if he’s not here, but he still has to show something on offense.

  2. thedeej3000 Says:

    If we aren’t getting rid of coach Rah.. then we are wasting everyone’s time.

  3. mr. Lucky Says:


  4. Fitz Says:

    Need experienced solid coaches to coordinate offense & defense. Norv Turner or Shannahan? Hell, I’d give Holmgren the keys to the entire ship and get rid of the Dream and Dominik

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    Olie is a QB coach and not an OC, as proved by his work in St Louis and here. Bates is useless. Rah is OK, not great, will never win a title, doesn’t have the “Right Stuff”. They should make the changes now and clean house of all the idiots. It should be coming, but the Glazers do everything 3 weeks late. AS fewer fans show up to games and sacrifice already purchased tickets, they may have to pull the plug. Green Bay travels well and should have at least 10,000 fans or more here.

    New Head Coach choice for me would be Sean McDermott, DC of the Eagles.

  6. dakid5 Says:

    Why is everyone blaming RAH obviously you guys are dumb this is his first year.. He only has the players he drafted this year that are actually his players.. give the dude a chance man.. unloyal buc fans need to vanish.. caaapoooooosh bitches

  7. justin Says:

    I think rah gets too much blame for bad oc and dc

  8. J Lynch says Says:

    JUSTIN he hired these 2 guys. By the way Greg Olson was the QB coach for Rex Grossman you see how he improved after goin to Houston. He is another weak dick like Morris Bates.