Ulterior Motive To Starting Josh Johnson

October 1st, 2009

The Bucs decision (front office orders?) to start Josh Johnson at quarterback raised all sorts of questions for Joe. Quarterback Byron Leftwich was hardly the reason why the Bucs stunk like an old septic tank the first three games.

In fact, Raheem the Dream, just hours before demoting Leftwich, said more than once that Leftwich was not the reason for the Bucs disastrous start to the season.

Then he demotes Leftwich.

Dan Parr of ProFootballWeekly.com hints there is a reason why Johnson is starting and it has nothing to do with wins for the 2009 season. It’s to hopefully showcase Johnson for a trade.

If Johnson does well in his starting stint, the Bucs likely would make him their top backup for next season — or they could entertain trade offers for him in the offseason should any teams show interest.

The Bucs are in such a sad state at the moment that it really doesn’t matter who plays quarterback. The defense has been in disarray since Week 14 of last season and didn’t snap out of it Sunday, even though Morris called the “D” out publicly in the days leading up to the game.

Morris can shuffle quarterbacks and personnel at other positions all he wants, but it looks like the Bucs won’t be able to solve most of their problems until 2010 free agency and the draft.

Well, there’s no doubt that the quarterback of the future for the Bucs isn’t the “career backup” as Raheem the Dream called Johnson prior to the season. It’s Josh Freeman. Just follow the money.

So if Johnson does anything the Bucs could conceivably get a better draft pick than whatever they got for peddling Luke McCown.

Joe never imagined a team would so early in a season use regular season games as a showcase for a player. Joe always thought that’s what the preseason was for?

10 Responses to “Ulterior Motive To Starting Josh Johnson”

  1. Pete Says:

    Whatever! Just so lefty’s not behind center. They can put Chris Hovan at QB before they go back to Lefty. He’s as big and as mobile…who knows what kind of arm he’s got?

    Don’t get to soft on us Joe, we are so close to shutting the door on the Lefty experiment, don’t get wobbly in the knees. I know you fear the Josh’s but have a caybrew or 6 and hang in there!

    Time to cut Leftwich so that spector can’t haunt the huddle again. On the sidelines he’s to close to being under center again and the way this coaching staff makes choices…eeechK!

  2. Pete Says:

    Oh yes, PS fix the Defense!

  3. Joe Says:


    Joe was pro-Byron Leftwich only because Joe believed he was the least repulsive of the four quarterbacks in preseason.

    Joe really has no opinion on Josh Johnson only because, who the hell knows?

    Joe is adamant that the best path for Josh Freeman is to sit the pine for the season. But Joe knows it’s all but written in stone he will play this year. (sigh).

  4. mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe I say this:

    Let Freeman start when the Bucs get back from London.

    If Freeman stinks and plays terribly then we can draft Tebow and trade Freeman while keeping Johnson as a backup right? lol

  5. Pete Says:

    Joe – As you know that’s why you can’t always go by practice. Some guys tear it up in practice and disappear in the game and some are lazy at practice and all pro on sundays. JJ or JF may be gamers. Who knows? I tried to support Leftwich, after all he was my team’s starting QB, but he was painful to watch on and off the field. And I hope never to see him under center again. Even for then Cowboys!

  6. JK Says:

    Just another move that makes me believe that the Glazers have no intention of fielding a playoff caliber team. Somethings up with them. What they are doing doesn’t make any sense at all. If Freeman is your future then play him damn it. What difference does it make this season.

  7. Maurice Says:

    Just everyone please do me a favor and don’t praise him when goes out their and dominates because it seems like no ones even giving this kid a chance. Where talking about a human being who went out and threw 43 touchdowns and 1 interceprtion on his final season in college. He reminds me of a faster version of Tony Romo and i’ll throw in a couple bucks saying he’s smarter than him two. I keep hearing on the blogs that everyone’s doubting because he went to a small college but so did Joe Flacco and Jay Cutler and those guys in my opinon are in the top ten. Byron didnt give the bucs a chance because he loved turning the ball over in the first quarter which made our games pass heavy by playing catchup all the time. What if Josh Johnson does well past our expectations? I am not a freeman beliver honestly because in my eyes all of our successful quarterbacks in the NFL have throwing accuracy and thats something that i dont see in freeman but i do see in Johnson.

  8. Maurice Says:

    Almost forgot to include that our Troy Polomalu comes back next week. So if we can beat the redskins we should have him back for a needed game against the Redskins.

    Question: was Tanard suspended for games for taking steroids or using marijuana?

  9. Maurice Says:

    Redskins### meant eagles

  10. leningan Says:

    We will be .500 going into the bye week… you heard it here first… and only.