Almost The Bucs’ New Receiver

October 1st, 2009
The Bucs were prepared to risk Josh Johnsons quarterback future just days ago

Bucs coahes were prepared to risk Josh Johnson's quarterbacking future just days ago

Bucs fans wanting to pound their heads against the wall a few more times need only read the comments of offensive coordinator Greg Olson when talking about starting quarterback Josh Johnson yesterday.

Wonderfully transcribed by Stephen Holder, of the St. Pete Times (and Joe loves when he doesn’t have to do the typing), Olson said Johnson was expected to get real-live game action at receiver soon to utilize his playmaking skills.

“When you watch [Johnson] run and, even a year ago when he was on the scout team, we threw him out at wide receiver and he’s played some (in practice). Our plan was initially, if we were going to have some success and continue with Byron (Leftwich), he was going to play some receiver because of that. He’d done some very nice things on the practice field playing the wide receiver position. He’s a real explosive athlete.”

This is just mind-blowing to Joe.

Did the Bucs have such little regard for their new starting quarterback — and hopeful season-saver — in the team’s new run-oriented offense that they were going to send his skinny frame in slant routes? So the Bucs were just fine risking Johnson getting his clock cleaned over the middle a few times, in hopes of possibly breaking a big play?

Johnson is known for being an intelligent pocket passer first, who also has the wheels to create havoc for the defense. If he was Raheem The Dream’s “career backup,” why even consider risking him at receiver?

Don’t the Bucs have their fill of explosive after-the-catch weapons in Clifton Smith and Antonio Bryant?

For Joe, the plan to use Johnson at receiver is more evidence the Bucs have completely botched the management of the quarterback position in 2009. This ever-changing plan since Day 1 just doesn’t smell good.

And Joe can’t help but remember all the many times over the past two seasons he heard players and coaches talk about how Luke McCown was the best athlete on the Bucs, yet he was never an option at wide receiver.

These are confusing times for Bucs fans.

6 Responses to “Almost The Bucs’ New Receiver”

  1. Justin Says:

    If this was actually a consideration, what didn’t the Bucs consider? It seems like they wanted to try every permutation of players and positions. Maybe even JJ for safety?

  2. Charkh Says:

    Maybe Josh Freeman can play cornerback!

  3. Pete Says:

    Gaines Adams runs real fast, he sprints right past the QB and runs slants all around the pocket. Why not try him at receiver?

    He’s big and tall and showed good hands vs Chicago last year. Can’t imagine the staff at OBP hasn’t consider this!

    Who’s running this show!

  4. JK Says:

    And you thought Gruden was bad!!

  5. KennyL Says:

    Planet Raheem is a wild place.

  6. Chris D Says:

    … … I can barely touch the screen on my iPhone to come up with something to say about this. This team is a #%*¥ing joke. I’m so sad! This team will go 0-16. I bet Largo HS could give them a run. Jus sad sad sad 🙁 Gawd!

    Glazers you have ruined MY team! Sell it now!