“Today’s Lesson Is Accountability”

October 1st, 2009

Joe gave Raheem The Dream a failing grade for his initial address to roughly 100,000 public school students two weeks ago. It was poorly prepared and included a mis-spoken statement that sent the wrong message to kids.

That gaffe was even edited out by the Bucs communication staff in a story about the address on Buccaneers.com.

This awesome effort to have the head coach give inspirational messages to all Hillsborough and Pinellas County middle and high school students via in-classroom television is a fabulous public service by the Bucs. No question. But Joe wants it done right. You know, with that attention to detail allegedly lacking in Jeff Jagodzinski.

Raheem The Dream was back behind the TV cameras and in front of the kids this week.

Ironically, his one-minute lesson was about “accountability” and “preparation.” You can watch it here on the Pinellas County Schools Web site. (Click on the video box on the lower right corner of the home page.)

Joe’s giving The Dream a grade of C+ for this week’s inspirational message. The coach needs a script and a little less coachspeak and a little more meat in his talk that will appeal to a greater range of kids. As Raheem The Dream says in the video, “It all starts with preparation guys. Let’s make that the most important thing this week.””

JoeBucsFan.com readers can judge for themselves.

Joe is keeping tabs on Raheem The Dream’s messages to students only because it’s such a worthy effort that can have a widespread positive impact. It should be done with great attention to detail.

Joe hopes to give Raheem The Dream an A+ soon.

If Raheem The Dream wants help polishing his script, he’s welcome to contact Joe at joe@JoeBucsFan.com.

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