Raheem Riddled With Fear

October 25th, 2009

"He says one thing and does another. Who is he?"

Raheem The Dream’s self-proclaimed “fearless” Buccaneers were sitting at the Patriots 37 yard line down 21 points and in a fouth-and-long situation with about three minutes left in the third quarter.

What does fearless Raheem The Dream do? He punts.

C’mon, Rah.

What were you afraid of? There’s no wind in the nearly domed Wembley stadium. Give the kicker a shot?

Then “fearless” Raheem on the next series, still in the third quarter, punts again on 4th-and-6 from the Patriots 35 yard line.

Let Joe be the first to say that Raheem is playing scared. He’s coaching scared. And he’s riddled with fear right now.  

Joe will leave you with Raheem’s own words explaining a Bucs team philosophy earlier this month.

“We’re always going to play not cautious. We’re always going to play, you know, fearless, you know, not cautious,” Raheem The Dream said.

5 Responses to “Raheem Riddled With Fear”

  1. J Lynch says Says:

    Now we see the REAL Raheem. Getting his puppet strings on the international stage. He got the call from the puppet masters upstairs to put Freeman in. The could have least told him through his headset instead of the phone on camera. What a good boy.

  2. Paul Says:

    Who the hell is running this team?????? Raheem has to call up stairs and ask mommy and daddy if its ok to put Freeman in? Grow a pair and be a head coach for god sake.

  3. JK Says:

    I don’t know who made the call for Freeman but in my opinion it’s about time. We are rapidly approaching 0-16 with the first pick in the draft next year. There is nothing showing improvement in our play or our coaching. Let’s find out how Freeman is going to handle it. If he can’t let’s look at Tebow with our first pick. A franchise quarterback and media darling.

  4. justin Says:

    Well the plus side we didn’t lose 59 to 0 but I was not impressed with freeman maybe after two weeks of first team snaps will make a difference

  5. London Buccaneers Says:

    The Glazers are running this team into the ground for a reason.