Patriots 35, Bucs 7

October 25th, 2009

Pats 35, Bucs 7

* Moss catches a pass, sees Tanard Jackson and runs out of bounds. What a freaking menstruating woman! Joe wants to use stronger language but Joe also wants advertisers. Joe suspects his readers will get the point.

* Pats are now slicing up the Bucs defense with passes.

* Damn. No need to help the Pats with a penalty.

* OK, who hypnotized this Bucs run defense?

* Now Antonio Bryant, Wes Welker just showed you how to make that seam catch.

* Roy Miller with a nice stop to delay a touchdown.

* Too easy of a score but as Joe just wrote: it was only delayed.

* That clown from London that the Tampa Tribune is in love with for some reason and who also has sent nasty correspondence to Joe is now in the Bucs broadcast booth and Gene Deckerhoff has turned the mic over to him to do the broadcast. Joe has turned off the radio.

* The Josh Freeman era has begun with a pair of handoffs.

* Welcome to the NFL kid. Thrown down like a ragdoll. You’re not in Kansas (State) any longer Tito.

* Well, already Tito looks more comfortable in the pocket than Johnson. Not much but better.

* Garbage time. Pats seem content to run the ball. Brady’s out of the game too.

* Mostly safe passes for Freeman. Smart.

* Smooth run to the right by Freeman, nearly got the first down.

6 Responses to “Patriots 35, Bucs 7”

  1. PetetheHat Says:

    Winning and getting a first down are instinctive Freeman should’ve know where the sticks were and gotten that first down (regardless of score)

  2. Greg Says:

    Joe, was going to bust your balls over your “Tito” comment vice what I think you meant with “Toto”, but couldn’t come up with anything funny about some Yugoslav named “Tito”

  3. justin Says:

    Wasn’t tito the michael jackson brother?

  4. Greg Says:

    Awww shit, you’re right Justin, I screwed that one away!! Come to think of though, he does look an awful lot like a Jackson doesn’t he???

  5. Buc Blues Says:

    That’s Miss Jackson if he plays nasty !!

  6. Greg Says:

    Yeah BB, if he plays like shit like most of us thinks he will, instead of calling him “Tito” we can just call him “LaToya” or “Toya” for short!