Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts

October 25th, 2009

* Despite the Pats getting a first down, still the Bucs rush defense looks halfway decent which is shocking Joe.

* Anyone hear Ronde Barber’s name yet? That’s usually a good thing. The Pats are not passing his way.

* Tim Crowder was certainly held and Joe is glad the zebras saw the same thing. Brady was going down.

* This is clearly the best the Bucs pass rush has played all year. Easily.

* Brady is a freaking assasin. Just when it looks like he might be rattled, zing, completion, first down.

* Timely penalty by the Pats. Brady was slicing the Bucs linebackers apart.

* Man, that was quick. Touchdown Pats.

* Apparently the Brits must be Bucs fans. Dave Moore just said he can hear Johnson’s calls, so that speaks to the fact the crowd is pro-Bucs.

* A quick series by the Bucs. This could be the start of the blowout everyone expected.

* Nice job by Geno Hayes with getting a hand on Brady’s pass.

* Joe, for the first time all year, is impressed with the Bucs pass rush, chasing Brady out of the pocket and forcing a third down punt.

* Seems CBS is too busy with Goodell’s interview to show a replay of a blown interference call on New England. Sweet. Jackasses.

* Joe will write again: Sammie Stroughter has been the Bucs best receiver this year.

* Damn players are sliding all over the place. Break out the ice skates. Dave Moore claims it’s the dew. Makes sense. Joe forgot it is a night game over there.

* Once again: Sammie Stroughter. Draft steal.

* Geez. Antonio Bryant on the fleaflicker — Joe loved the call — was wide open and Johnson one-hopped the ball to him. Who does he think he is, Daryll Clark?

* Joe doesn’t blame Bryant for spiking the ball. The guy was all alone and Johnson horribly underthrew the ball.

* For the most part, Johnson looks like he is just heaving the ball and praying some Bucs receiver can get a hand on the ball.

* Barrett Ruud makes a tackle for a loss. How novel?

* Dave Moore claims Moss is dogging it only playing half-assed. Joe is shocked.

* Joe is still stunned at the traffic the Bucs are putting on Brady.

* Interesting. Earlier Pats owner Bob Kraft had a luxury box full of people with him. Later, CBS shows Bryan and Joel sitting by themselves in their suite. Wonder why?

* Non-catches like what Antonio Bryant just pulled will hurt his salary requirements for his new team next season.

4 Responses to “Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts”

  1. PetetheHat Says:

    Joe, come on stop being so critical the Glazer’s were sitting with ALL their friends.

  2. PetetheHat Says:

    I’m not sure Goodell didn’t ask Belichick to take it easy(on the Bucs) for the sake of international commerce…and now I’m not sure if I’m kidding or not either?

  3. JK Says:

    Joe, Simms said the Glazers were at their favorite teams game before they came to watch the Bucs. That’s right! They watched Manchester play before coming to the Bucs game a “couple of hours after it started”.

  4. Joe Says:


    Joe doesn’t see anything wrong with that.