Panthers 28, Bucs 21

October 18th, 2009

Panthers 28, Bucs 21

Keep coming back to Joe as Joe will have much more on this loss, largely thanks to a gutless defense in the fourth quarter.

* Damn, Julius Peppers is a freak. He saves a touchdown on that Stroughter catch.

* If the Bucs don’t get the first down, they need to go for it on fourth down.

* Great spot by the zebras.

* Dave Moore is pleading with the Bucs to go for it.

* Joe CANNOT come up with words about how moronic a false start is on fourth-and-one at home. That is INEXCUSABLE. John Gilmore should be cut tonight. TONIGHT! That is totally inexcusable. The team was just coming out of a timeout and Gilmore didn’t know the snap count? Joe is speechless.

* The crowd has come alive from the audio on radio.

* Big, big, big play here. Can Delhomme throw another interception?

* Missed tackle AGAIN. This team cannot make a big play when they need it which is one reason they are winless. That written that was a helluva call by John Fox.

* OK, another major third down. Come on Bucs.

* TANARD JACKSON PICK SIX!!! Man the Bucs missed him!!! Bucs are in a dogfight.

* How does Jake Delhomme keep his job? Maybe John Fox will be calling Chris Wienke?

* Bucs defense is now giving up chunks of yardage.

* Panthers are just chewing up the Bucs on the ground.

* Bucs need to force Delhomme to win this game.

* Carolina is just shoving the ball down the Bucs throat. Oh by the way, they are eating up the clock too.

* This is pathetic. Is over-the-hill, disinterested Mickey Andrews the defensive coordinator for the Bucs all of a sudden?

* Only way the Bucs win this game is Carolina turns the ball over. They sure cannot stop the run.

* Panthers will just run the clock down for a game-winning field goal if somehow they don’t score a rushing touchdown.

* This is miserable.

* Geez, 80-yard drive to win the game. Gutless. Simply gutless. No excuses. None. Joe really doesn’t know when or if the Bucs win a game this year. The drive for the first overall pick in the draft is on!

7 Responses to “Panthers 28, Bucs 21”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    4th Quarter

    Ok it’s 4th & 1 on the Panthers 36 yard line and the Bucs go offsides nice job Gilmore. Another blown 1st down due to penalties. That’s 5 so far.

    Caddy has 77 yards on 16 carries while JJ has 45 yards on 8 rushes. Come on defense get the ball back.

    TJ comes up big with a pick and return to the Big House. Yeah Baby! With 8:33 to go it’s still a game!

    Totally un-Buc related but I HATE THOSE LEVI COMMERCIALS – just terrible. Yuck!

    The Panthers give the ball to Williams twice for back to back 5 yard scampers. Shut down the run guys!!

    The Bucs D-line is getting manhandled. Hovan is getting pushed around like a rag doll

    Stewart almost scores but trips over Hovan’s dead body so Hayward can pound his chest.

    There goes the Bucs season with .29 seconds remaining. The 0-10 streak continues!

    The last play of the game is like the Bucs season a romper room play.

  2. Paul Says:

    Watching that was pretty violent. I violently threw up watching the Bucs let Carolina march for a touchdown like they were men amidst boys. That was beyond a beat down, that was humiliation at the grandest scale. Wow, the coaching staff could not figure out how to stop the run. IMPOTENT would best describe this at the moment. FIRE RAHEEM NOW!

  3. Grundle Says:

    That was sad, just sad. They show no heart at all. Gilmore really messed up with the offsides. Talib needs to stop taking plays off. We need to learn that it is ok to stop the run, esspecially when your going up against a QB like Delhomme who throws more passes to the other team then he does to his Hall of Fame reciver.

    Maybe the Glazers take the boys over to London and introduce them to their kickball team and the Bucs are inspired but I dont think so. I feel the other Josh getting a chance late next game if it gets away from them.

    On the bright side Raheem the Dream didnt make any major mistakes, this one is more on Bates.

  4. J Lynch says Says:

    Dont worry Ledge will spin this like we played well special td defensive td woo hoo how about getting you ass hande top you 250 rushing are you kidding me? Oh yea waterboy looked lost again on the sideline again.. Oh I saw Simeon Rice on tv the other day he says the same stupid stuff Rigga Morris say we are who we are today? Just what to heck is he talking about anyway??? Clayton was what he was toda a BUST

  5. Fredrick Says:

    The easy part of the schedule is over. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  6. PetetheHat Says:

    Rah fired his offensive co-ordinator 10 days before the regular season, 6 games in it’s time to fire the defensive co-ordinator. This sieve of a defense couldn’t stop Armwood HS. There’s a reason Parcells’ let Bates go: He cannot adapt a defense to the personnel. (because there’s no way this group of guys can be THAT bad…can they?)

  7. Greg Says:

    Why is everyone busting Ledge’s balls today??? The guy works for the Bucs for God’s sake, and all these callers are wanting him to bash on his employers and fellow employees–get a grip, none of you would have the balls to come out on the radio and publicly chastise your bosses! Ledge was putting out a great post-game today, and what he said about this team being young and making dumb, YOUNGSTER mistakes is absolutely true! I do agree with most that these coaches aren’t the right fit to right this team, especially Bates, or Raheem for that matter, but blasting Ledge, TJ or any of the others on the Bucs radio network for not spewing the same hate and discontent as you is stupid!!