THE PESSIMIST: Jim Bates Must Go!

October 18th, 2009

THE PESSIMIST is a diehard Bucs fan whose negative writings appear occasionally on His views surely do not necessarily reflect those of Joe. However, Joe sure gets a kick out of them.

THE PESSIMIST has had a few Caybrews and after watching this loss he has HAD IT with Jim Bates, the alleged defensive coordinator of the Bucs.

THE PESSIMIST is absolutely sick of this guy. He whines that he doesn’t have the players to run his defense and this is why the Bucs suck. Hey, clown, you don’t decide what the defense is. You mold your defense around the talent you have, not the other way around. Even a two-bit high school coach understands this. 

THE PESSIMIST now knows why you got run out of Denver two years ago.

Don’t give THE PESSIMIST this nonsense about fatigue. Raheem the Dream even said that both teams were out there for a full 60 minutes. If your players were so tired in the fourth quarter, why the hell didn’t you do more rotating or substitutions?

What a pathetic display in the end by YOUR defense. Your defense! How does it feel to get the ball run down your throat for 80 yards for the winning score. How does that taste? Think about that: 80 yards! Somewhere in Tallahassee, Mickey Andrews is laughing his ass off.

Absolutely gutless by your defense. Your swiss cheese, can’t stop the wind defense.

THE PESSIMIST knows of a couple of gaps where you can shove your defense.

Don’t give THE PESSIMIST this crap about your defense forced turnovers form Jake Delhomme. Who the hell hasn’t? The guy’s defense gives more away than Obamacare!

How about that two-gap system? Why don’t you take your two-gap system and hop on the next plane out of TIA. One-way.

On second thought, please stay until the season is over with. With your coaching, the Bucs will surely lose every game. The Bucs are in a fight with the Rams for the first overall pick in the draft.

AS soon as the season is over with, please find some high school that could use you. Bucs fans, and particularly THE PESSIMIST, have seen and had enough of your crap defense.

20 Responses to “THE PESSIMIST: Jim Bates Must Go!”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Please tell me why they fired Jeff Jagodzinski and not Jim Bates?

    You let your defense give up 94 yards in 8.5 minutes to lose a game that you could have won.

    Does it make sense to have Chris Hovan try to tie up two guys when one is pushing him around like a rag doll?

    I hate to say this but in the interest of getting something:

    Anyone have any thoughts of shopping talib around the league for a 2nd and 4th round pick?

  2. PetetheHat Says:

    Guess I posted this too soon and after the wrong article so here it is again…
    Rah fired his offensive co-ordinator 10 days before the regular season, 6 games in it’s time to fire the defensive co-ordinator. This sieve of a defense couldn’t stop Armwood HS. There’s a reason Parcells’ let Bates go: He cannot adapt a defense to the personnel. (because there’s no way this group of guys can be THAT bad…can they?)

  3. Jackson Says:

    Shopping Talib for 2nd and a 4th!?! He’s a 1st round pick and playing very well. Idiot!

  4. Joe Says:

    Talib played great today Jackson.

  5. James Allen Spradling Says:

    mr lucky, you sir are a ass, Talib? is the only player that has any ability and heart what a statement

  6. James Allen Spradling Says:

    lucky, you need to get lucky with statements like that, what would we build around??

  7. James Allen Spradling Says:

    Joe I love this site I have it on my Bucs bookmarks as the first site i hit everyday

  8. Joe Says:

    Thank you very much James.

    By all means tell your friends about Joe.

  9. Joe Says:

    Anyone have any thoughts of shopping talib around the league for a 2nd and 4th round pick?

    Joe thinks Mr. Lucky needs to hold off on any more beers today.

  10. Larry Says:

    We all need to learn how to pronounce Ndamukong Suh (En-dom-ah-ken Sue)

  11. Jesse Says:

    Mr. Lucky, come’on man! Talib? He is the only guy who shows up every sunday. Jim Bates and his base set has got to go! I would love to see a blitz once in a while.

  12. Jackson Says:

    Also have to say it wasn’t Bates being tossed around like a rag doll, it’s the same players that were tossed around last year.

  13. JK Says:

    Why isn’t anyone wanting answers from our head coach? We can’t kick field goals for Christ sake!!!!!!! You have to make field goals to win in this league. As far as I’m concerned this is two games we lost because of out inability to make kicks. Let’s all blame Bates for all the tackles he missed.

  14. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    Solution: Replace bates and half the D Line with him! Don’t stop at Adams, Hovan tries but just doesn’t get it done, Simms is an out of shape retread, Styles is inconsistent. Wilkerson and Crowder have some talent and are worth keeping.
    Miller has potential and we are yet to see the Moore.

  15. Joe Says:


    People who know a helluva lot more about football than Joe have been saying the same thing since Bates was hired.

    Joe also knows a smart coach molds the defense (or offense) to best flaunt the attributes and talents of his players. Instead, Bates wants to ram his system down everyone’s throats like a round peg into a square hole.Then he bitches about how he doesn’t have the players to run his defense.

    How about running the defense that puts your players in the best position to make plays?

    Just look at the results. Joe — and THE PESSIMIST — have seen enough.

  16. Gino Says:

    Pessimist you and I are much alike. I thought when I first heard it hiring the former (like year and a half ago ) video coach as the head coach was a huge mistake. Blowing a 1st round pick on a logical 3rd rounder was a huge mistake. Settling on Kaw-Liga (you younger folks who think that candy-ass singer on Monday night football might is the real Hank Williams may want to google that one) instead of McCown–indeed just signing Kaw-Liga AFTER the big deal for McCown during the off-season–well what the hell size mistake can you call that?? Ineptitude is the man’s hallmark. Something has to give right?

    You know–at first I said “fire Bates” but I started thinking.

    And the more I thought about it, the more it rang true.

    Bottom line-you just can’t polish a turd.

    All those starters that were cut from this team-Brooks, June, Kevin Carter,-now completely gone from the NFL–no one was willing to sign them-yet these guys were STARTERS here last year. So while no one on the bench was good enough to start over these geezers-that’s what we have forming our sieve-like defense in 2009.

    I mean looks who’s left? Geno Hayes? Yeah maybe a special teams guys somewhere in the NFL-a nickle/dime player–but a starter? Not on 31 other teams. STYLEZ White? Jimmy Wilkerson? Ryan Sims? These are all guys 30 years old or so —-they’re not going to turn into Mean Joe Greene-just journeymen that would be the #6-7-8 deep guys on the defensive front for pretty much any other NFL team. And that dinosaur Hovan is abused weekly-should have gotten out maybe 2-3 years ago.

    Barrett Ruud? Well he’s ok but he’s not great-lets be honest. Quincy Black may the most upside of any of these guys but still a bit green.

    And the secondary? What can I add to that discussion that hasn’t been said?

    No–you can’t polish a turd-and the Bucs-on both sides of the ball-are steaming Bull Mastiff sized pile of crap.

  17. MTM Says:

    The seems like a bad dream that won’t end !! There are sorry teams that you can see progress even in losses. I don’t see that with the Buc’s.

  18. Sgt Mike Says:

    Bring on Cowher!

  19. Tye Says:

    MR. Bill Cowher…… (Paging) MR. Bill Cowher…… Your services are EXTREMELY and DESPERATELY needed in Tampa MR. Bill Cowher!!!

  20. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    Ha ha fire bates and the defense will be no.1 next year, thats what happened in Denver!