Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts

October 18th, 2009

* Great, give the Panthers a short field on the interception. Freaking great.

* Bucs defense playing great and they need to right now. Big fourth down.

* Dave Moore called it. On the Bucs radio network he said the Panthers would run right up the gut. They did and DeAngelo Williams nearly scored.

* Touchdown Panthers. That’s seven points on Josh Johnson. Bucs are in a dogfight. There’s a reason this team is winless.

* Damn, Hollis Thomas buries Caddy behind the line.

* Since early in the game, Johnson has been off target nearly every pass.

* Great! If you can’t pass, run and Johnson had a helluva nice run avoiding a tackle and running through another for a first down.

* Damn, offensive pass interference. Joe appreciates the physical play by Winslow but you have to be careful about being to physical on a pass route.

* Joe can’t remember the last time he saw the Bucs call a bubble screen. Interesting. Nice little gain but they needed a bit more than a “little.”

* Great run by Johnson but Joe is sweating over that near-fumble.

* Good gain Caddy and that really helps when you have second and short. Nice. Dave Moore on the Bucs radio network loves this kind of play.

* Jeremy Trueblood’s olay block damned near cost the Bucs the ball. And what the hell are the Bucs in a seven-step shotgun drop on a second and short when you are running the ball???

* Donald Penn’s hold is very costly.

* This is a freaking pet peeve of Joe’s and it drives him out of his tree: PUNT THE BALL OUT OF BOUNDS AND THERE CANNOT BE A RETURN!!! Why is this so difficult for NFL coaches, who make a boatload more cash than Joe, to figure out? No one — NO ONE! — can return a punt when the damned ball is out of bounds!!! If the punt was out of bounds the Panthers would start at their own-10. Instead, they have the ball first down on their own-40.

* Dave Moore just said the Bucs haven’t been playing with the same intensity since the missed field goal.

* This is not looking good. Panthers are moving the ball way too easy. They are now in field goal range. Crowd seems out of it on radio.

* Monster third down. Need a stop.

* More missed tackles. What the hell??? Untouched into the end zone. Awful!!

* You know it’s bad when people on the Bucs radio network are ripping the Bucs for “sloppy” play.

* Could Sammie Stroughter save this game? Could that play save Raheem the Dream’s job???

* The way Clifton Smith fumbles, maybe Stroughter should return fulltime? Joe has said it before and will write it again: Stroughter was an absolute steal in the draft.

* Stylez White with a very timely, needed sack!

* Major, major, major play by the Bucs with the pickoff. HHHUUUGGGEEE!

* Raheem thinks he’s Bobby Knight following the refs and screaming at them on the penalty on Caddy’s big run that was defensive holding. Way to go Rah!

9 Responses to “Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    3rd Quarter

    No sooner had I written about turnovers then JJ throws into the flat for pick. What happened to running the freakin ball?

    On 3rd down Geno has great penetration and causes DeAngelo to cut into traffic. This sets up 4th and 1 from the Bucs 3 and the Bucs can’t stop them as DeAngelo runs over Crowell.

    Holy Crap JJ runs for a 1st down on 3rd and 11. Ouch what a hit. JJ be careful you’re beginning to look like Leftwich.

    I just noticed with JJ in the shotgun and Caddy to his left and Ward to his right why shouldn’t the Bucs run a veer offense like the Gators? Dive plays and running QB?

    Stevens missed another block but makes up for it by getting back the fumble. The Bucs have to punt.

    Why can’t the Bucs receivers get open? Maybe because the Panthers aren’t worried about Clayton catching anything but a cold?

    Well the Panthers just march down the field and on a 3rd and 1 Stewart goes up the gut for a 26 yard TD

    Sammy takes the kickoff to the House – who would’ve thunk it? Woo Hoo 97 yards. Now if JJ can only hit this kid in stride.

    Greg White comes up with a big sack – Gaines Who?

    The very next play Quincy Black tips the ball and Ruud winds up with a gift. Can anyone say momentum shift?

  2. John R Says:

    Talib freakin gave up on that touchdown…..
    Its so frustrating c’mon

  3. Grundle Says:

    WHAT A PLAY! This Dee is starting to look the the Bucs of old. Great play. Now we need to get it back and give JJ a chance to bring us all the way back. the offence is really starting to get to me. One play they look really good, then the next three they look like crap.

    Lets just hope everyone stays focused and not get to far ahead of themselves. One play at a time boys, we can do this!

  4. Grundle Says:

    Scratch everything I just said about the Dee. Can we please stop the run. Wrap them up people!

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Grundle the defense is looking like the D of old – just run up the gut for 4.5 yards a carry. Don’t throw it – ya don’t have to

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Nice adjustments there Mr. Bates

  7. Grundle Says:

    The Bucs are about to blow it and i just looked out my window and its snowing in Boston. WTF!?!

  8. Grundle Says:

    Good lord, just saw the first wide shot of the stadium and the place is empty. The game is over but still there is nobody.

  9. Bucsfan5 Says:

    I’ve finally lost patience with this team, they flat out suck. Bates doesn’t look like he schemes for teams at all during the week, they seem to run the same defensive plan week in and week out. Only reason we didn’t get burned by the deep pass today was because Carolina didn’t need to throw it.