Mark Dominik Speaks

October 25th, 2009

Set up to take a shot at NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell for only slapping the hands of dirtbag backup Panthers cornerback Dante Wesley, Bucs general manger Mark Dominik passed on the chance given by the hillbilly with a bad thesaurus, Jack Harris, on the Buccaneers Radio Network pregame show. Dominik watched the fastball go by. This after Wesley’s callous assault of Bucs return specialist Clifton Smith earned just a one-game suspension.

Dominik is smart enough not to fire on the warden commission even when accurate. Harris asked Dominik if he thought Wesley’s one-game suspension was fair and Dominik tap-danced.

Outside of that, Dominik said little noteworthy on his pregame talk with Harris. He did note that he thought traveling on a Friday to London “worked out well” for the Bucs and that the travel jet lag should not be a factor.

“Flying in on Friday worked out well,” Dominik said. “We let the players sleep in each day. The players seem energized.”

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