The Chin Lurks

October 25th, 2009

FOX Sports NFL writer John Czarnecki, an old timer who is one of the Pro Football Hall of Fame voters, dropped the C word in a brief preview of today’s Pats-Bucs game.

That C word is Cowher.

As in Bill Cowher. As in Czarnecki is hearing rumblings that Cowher could be a candidate to replace Raheem The Dream

New England vs. Tampa Bay in London: Even without RBs Fred Taylor and Sammy Morris, plus LT Matt Light, the Patriots definitely appear to be hitting a solid stride because Tom Brady is looking better and more comfortable every week. Ex-Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher’s name has started popping up with the Bucs for two reasons: 1) he doesn’t want to coach the Redskins and 2) the Glazers strike him as owners who could meet his hefty asking price. Word is that Panthers owner Jerry Richardson wouldn’t pay Cowher’s price, either.

As Joe has written before, the Glazers have a history with being enamored by big-name coaches.  And Joe doesn’t doubt the Glazers are exploring all of their options.

Fans can believe all they want that the Glazers don’t have the money to pay Cowher. Joe’s not in that crowd. Second, based on plummeting  ticket sales and growing fan apathy, at some point the Glazers need to do something to jumpstart the community.

If that jump start is not the play of Josh Freeman, then hiring a guy like Cowher might be the least expensive way to revive the fan base.

2 Responses to “The Chin Lurks”

  1. Vera Says:

    Bill Cowher would definitely get me much more interested in the Bucs. He’s first class all the way. Look what he did with the Steelers! I think he would definitely revive the fan base.

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    That would be the right start. They should have done that when they canned Gruden.