Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts

October 25th, 2009

* Ha! Scumbag Randy Moss got jacked up and had to leave the game, compliments of Tanard Jackson.

* Tanard Jackson saves the Bucs. That would have been the fifth play of the drive that Joe predicted the Pats would score. Really lousy throw by Brady, not that Joe is complaining. 🙂

* Johnson again underthrows a pass. Is there any wonder why Freeman isn’t ready, this game is evidence of it.

* Johnson sacked. Rattled. Lost. Out of it. Johnson seems to appear the way Joes does the last time he attempted to watch Sportscenter some years ago: “What the hell am I doing here?”

* Joe thinks he is drunk because he sees the Bucs playing run defense. Yet Joe hasn’t (yet) had a Caybrew. Strange.

* Boom, 21-0. That quick. That’s why the Pats are the Pats. Joe is “this close” to hoping this game is 65-0. The Bucs need to be shamed on an international stage.

* Oh, and Barrett Ruud is supposed to be the Bucs best linebacker? (Cough, cough).

* Well, maybe if Caddy continues to run, the Bucs will only lose by 42?

* Maybe the Lightning can play better since the Bucs are playing on ice, slipping all over the place?

* Johnson is totally pathetic today.

* If Wes Welker reads his blocker’s ass and runs outside like he should have the score would be 28-0.

* Talib saves the Bucs. Secondary is playing well. Not great, but well. He and Donald Penn are playing Pro Bowl-type level this year. The rest of the team? High school level. Somewhere in Pinellas County, a cabbie is frowning.

* Davin Joseph absolutley got blown off the line on that attempt at a third down run. Joe has never seen Joseph thrown back like that. He was tossed nearly four yards back.

* A Tim Crowder sighting. Almost as rare as a Kyle Moore sighting.

* The defensive front — maybe the first time this year — is playing OK if not good at times.

* Joe happens to be at his favorite watering hole (Joe knows a high executive of said watering hole reads this so as soon as your organization cuts Joe a check he’ll start pimping it heavily) and Bucs fans here are so disgusted, they have turned to rooting for the Pats to run the score up hoping the Glazer Family will be so ashamed, maybe changes might be made. That’s how awful things have gotten for the Bucs.

* When’s the last time Derrick Ward had an eight-yard gain?

* Ward is looking sharp all of a sudden.

* Two minute warning? Wow, quick second quarter.

* Dave Moore ripped Johnson for not checking out of the jailbreak blitz that the Pats used on the first play out of the two-minute warning.

* Pass to Bryant from Johnson was the first time all day Johnson looked like he knew what he was doing, which is just what Dave Moore just said.

* What the hell all of a sudden got into Josh Johnson? Something clicked. Could this suddenly become a game? Nice job by Bryant on the play to get away from the defender.

* Dave Moore just noted Randy Moss has been pretty quiet since he got drilled by Tanard Jackson.

* A sack! A Bucs sack! This is nearly as rare as a blue moon.

* Speaking of which, Joe hasn’t had a Blue Moon beer in a long time. Hmmm?

* Joe thinks the Bucs are more than fortunate this game is only a two-touchdown game.

* As he came of the field at halftime, Raheem the Dream told the Bucs radio network, “We are killing ourselves with turnovers.”

5 Responses to “Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts”

  1. PetetheHat Says:

    Isn’t great how the CBS announcers are trying to make this game sound competitive?

  2. PetetheHat Says:

    Maybe Olsen could use all 11 players on offense and let Ernest Graham touch the ball too. Didn’t he used to gain some yardage?

  3. John Says:

    cause 28-7 is competitive?

  4. PetetheHat Says:

    John I’m a BUCS fan too but THIS game is far from competitive

  5. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Moss got jacked up by Sabby on that dropped pass. Loved the shot of the Glazers looking like idiots on tv