Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts

October 18th, 2009

* Bucs really dodged a bullet with the trade of turnovers deep in their end. Joe is convinced leaving points on the field on their second possession will haunt them.

* Joe isn’t liking how the Panthers defense is starting to warm up.

* Panthers are smelling blood.

* Damn, the Bucs had Delhomme locked up. How in the hell can you let that guy escape?

* Good tackle by Sabby to save a long gain.

* Good gang tackle by Bucs for a loss. Nice.

* Thankfully the Bucs forced Delhomme to throw the ball away.

* A Quincy Black appearance. Thanks to Davin Joseph’s blocked field goal!

* Now can the Bucs capitalize on this blocked field goal?

* Bucs lucked out with the offsides call. Bucs would have had a first down with a better pass from Johnson.

* Caddy with a good physical run for a first down. Panthers had good penetration on that play.

* Helluva scramble by Johnson for a first down.

* Winslow is earning his money the past couple of weeks. Big catch. Big first down!

* Oh, boy. Holding takes them out of field goal range. Of course, with the Bucs kicker, the Bucs need to get the ball inside the 10.

* Bucs are melting down on this drive.

* Third and a bus ride. Damn.

* Johnson had a receiver open but the underthrown damned near was intercepted.

* Dave Moore on the Bucs radio network noted how the Panthers are moving their defensive lineman around which is driving the Bucs offensive line crazy.

* Bucs need a big play on this third and short.

* And it didn’t happen. But the clock is the Bucs friend.

* Whew. Bucs nearly had a completion against them. Dave Moore said on that play the Bucs were playing a Tampa-2 cover. Thankfully.

* Panthers had a first down dropped. Great.

* That’s it: run the ball dumbasses.

* Clifton Smith knocked out cold and there is a brawl!!! Aqib Talib, keep your helmet on!

* “We have to build on what we’ve been doing,” Raheem the Dream said as he walked off the field and told the Bucs radio network.

8 Responses to “Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    2nd quarter

    On the missed FG Carolina takes the ball and marches down the field due to poor tackling and scores thanks to a missed arm tackle by Geno. Come on guys you’ve got to stop the run!

    Bucs 1st possession of the 2Q – JJ does a good read thru his progressions and dumps to Ward for 5 yard gain and on the next play he coughs up the ball as the Panther recover on the Bucs 23! Why wasn’t Caddy in there?

    What a reversal – Tanard Jackson strips Stewart on the Bucs 2 yard line as Sims recovers. Yeah the Bucs lost 20 yards but thank you Tanard.

    With the Bucs backup up on their own 2 they put Graham in at FB and Ward gets the call. Am I missing something? 3 and out as Gilmore demonstrates he cant hold back the Panthers rush. It’s beginning to look like 1Q might be the Bucs highlight reel.

    Rhonde comes up with another nice tackle – will Rhonde teach these kids to do that too? Rudd slices thru the line but dammit wrap up the runner !

    A blocked FG! The Bucs actually had pressure up the middle.

    Why are the Bucs passing on 1st down? On a 3rd down play it’s the Panthers offside but Faine snaps and the play is live. JJ tosses to Clayton and guess what? Another drop of what would have been a 1st down.

    Winslow plays WR and draws 1-1 coverage as JJ rushes for 12. Then Winslow goes to TE and gets an 18 yard gain. Move the guy around to get the mismatch – holy shades of Gruden.

    The Faine penalty cost the Bucs field position and a possible FG.

    Rudd was great on coverage – where was the help over the top?

    On the punt return Smith gets clobbered in the resulting meelay I thought I saw Talib getting ready to swing a helmet. Wesley better have a bodyguard when he leaves RJ.

    The Panthers won the 2Q and manhandled the Bucs defensive line but it’s a tied score.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    So far this has been the best game that the Bucs have played this season. It’s competitive and they’re still in position to win.

    What they need to do in the locker room:

    1. Run the damn ball on 1st down and stop thowing and going 2nd & 10

    2. Hey coach Olson can you say SLANT PASS?

    3. A screen pass would really help on those downs when the Pathers come all out.

    4. Put 8 in the box

    5. Keep Talib on Steve Smith and play damn zone on Muhhamad’s side.

    6. More bliting up the middle and run some stunts please

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    The most critical key – no more turnovers. Whoever wins that battle will win the game.

  4. Grundle Says:

    So far they look the best they have all season. Still some mistakes but thankfully we are playnig a team that is at our level. Winning the TOP battel and total yadage by a hair.

    If the Bucs win today do you think they will start selling josh Johnson jerseys? I have been checking every day. The guy has started three straight games now but the only way I can purches his jersey is if I pay $300 for a custom one……..Damn he just got picked off to start the second half, so much for that.

  5. Bucsfan5 Says:

    I’ll never understand why a player would throw a punch at another player with his helmet on (Upon further review to find out why Talib was sprinting after Wesley, I noticed Wesley threw a punch and hit Talib in the face mask at the goaline during the scrum)

    Bucs need to come out with some fire at the start of this 2nd half.

  6. BucNaked Says:

    This sucks! Are the Kingfish here yet?

  7. JK Says:

    Stewart just scored. some in the secondary quit!! When will there be improvement

  8. Grundle Says:

    talib gave up on that run. not to say he would have made the play but damn at least look like your trying.

    big kickoff return to keep us in the game. nice to see some guys on the team are still giving it their all out there.