Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts

October 4th, 2009

* Thought it was way cool that Alex Ovechkin made an appearance on the field prior to the game rocking a Chris Cooley jersey. So much better than if he was wearing some cheesy No. 8 Redskins jersey. AO is one of Joe’s favorite athletes. Anyone that does a Jimi Hendrix routine after scoring a goal is classic in Joe’s eyes, not counting all the photos of AO trashed in Georgetown hotspots with loose women hanging all over him.

* No Gene Deckerhoff! WTF!!! Joe hopes Deckerhoff hasn’t slit his wrists because Florida State sucks so bad.

* My got, Gaines Adams with a sack!

* HOLY SPIT!!!! Gaines Adams with a fumble recovery. About freaking time son!

* Joe doesn’t like the fact on the second play from scrimmage the Bucs had to call a timeout because Antonio Bryant couldn’t figure out where to go.

* Well, guess that timeout worked, huh? Touchdown Tampa Bay. Joe assumes Redskin fan is about to jump off the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

* Nice play by Maurice Stovall to force Ladell Betts out of bounds on the kickoff. Betts looked like he had a lot of green in front of him.

* Uh, T.J. Rives, a four-yard run is not a “minimal gain.”

* Geno Hayes with a great play for a loss. Joe hears whispers that Hayes isn’t playing linebacker well. If that’s the case, Joe will love to see Hayes play well.

* Gaines Adams with a deflection. Geez, could this be the turning point in his career? This guy is playing out of his mind so far this game. He actually looks like an NFL player.

* Raheem the Dream likes it, giving Adams a chest bump as he comes off the field.

* Nice hole for Cadillac to run through for a first down. That’s what the offensive line should have been doing all along this season.

* Johnson had a receiver wide open in the flat on the play that the Bucs were called for holding when he tried to run.

* Freaking holding penalty killed what looked to be a promising drive.

* Well, at least the Bucs should be able to pin the Redskins deep in their own territory.

* Thank you Antwan Randle-El for being stupid and fielding the punt at the four-yard line.

* Dave Moore on the Bucs radio network mocked Sabby Piscitelli for not stopping Clinton Portis at the line of scrimmage when he damned near broke a long run to the right.

* Geno Hayes again with the tackle.

* Pretty simple to see that when Jason Campbell has time to throw, he will burn you.

* Geno Hayes is freaking everywhere. Somewhere, Derrick Brooks is smiling.

* On the Redskins lateral, Adams for the first time Joe can remember stayed home protecting his lane in case Washington ran left. Generally Adams gets burned badly on those types of plays.

* Close to interference by Piscitelli on the incompletion to Cooley over the middle.

* OK, so the Bucs have a first down inside Washington’s 40. Let’s see if they can get a score out of this.

* Where has this offensive line been? Also, Joe hasn’t hear Facestomper’s name called yet. Ha!

* OK, the Bucs are in field goal range now. Long field goal, but still possible.

* Freaking delay of game! T.J. Rives is blaming dumbass Sean Mahan for not recognizing Johnson calling for the snap. Now they need five for field goal range.

* Damn. This will be a long field goal. Just heard Facestomper’s name.

* Bank shot didn’t work, and that penalty cost them the way the wind took that kick. The Bucs can’t get rid of that waste of human flesh Mahan quick enough.

* Piscitelli got burned. Joe is shocked.

* Way to go Aqib Talib! Come on Bucs, let’s put some points on the board and what the Redskins melt down.

* Damnit! QUIT HOLDING!!! How freaking hard is it to not grab someone? Don’t give Joe this nonsense about a running quarterback caused the hold. That’s bullshit!

* Joe saw that Redskins punter Hunter Smith was on a trainer’s table but has heard nothing yet on his condition.

8 Responses to “Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts”

  1. Josh Says:

    Selmon’s today?

  2. Bucsfan5 Says:

    So far, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but looks like the Bucs defense might be confusing Washington. I would like to see some Bucs wideouts get open, too much of Johnson having to scramble right now. Talib is having a fantastic first half.

    And as soon as I say something about the wideouts, nice zip on that pass to Bryant.

  3. Charkh Says:

    Is Matt Bryant still a free agent?

    And how slow does Sean Mahan look to snap the ball. On the delay of game AND at the end of the first, he looked completely oblivious to the clock and Josh Johnson’s urgency.

  4. J Lynch says Says:

    Looking like they practiced this week huh Joe? I still would like Matt Bryant here. Nugent can get the ball in the endzone but not through the uprights.. Morris is still a douche nozzle fist pumping for calling a time out?? Oh yea chest bumping bust Gaines Adam?? How about the players calling him Coach ? Instead of by his first name I think that translates to no chain of command lord knows its bad enough from the Glazers down……

  5. Charkh Says:

    Either Josh Johnson over emphasized his desire to be a pocket passer or our receivers are not making any attempt to get open.

  6. aldo Says:

    well, im so fckn happy!!! josh johnson is playing so well, i know the other team is the redskins, not a big deal, but man, is a geat game of JJ, a lot of faith on him, my surprise is gaines with a sack, hoping at least this game means the resurrection for him, and aqib SWEET!!! what a game for talib!!!

  7. Charkh Says:

    JJ is playing no better than a mobile Leftwich. He’s not throwing it down field, he’s not getting 1st downs with his arm, and he had an easy interception dropped.

  8. Bucsfan5 Says:

    He’s playing what he is, a 2nd year player getting his first start. But I don’t see any separation from these Bucs receivers to give him anyone to throw to, except maybe Stroughter on that INT toward Bryant.