Mark Dominik Speaks

October 4th, 2009

Bucs general manager Mark Dominik spoke with the hillbilly with a bad thesaurus, Jack Harris, just before kickoff on the Buccaneers Radio Network. Dominik had an interesting quote when explaining the move to bench Byron Leftwich.

Dominik explained to Harris that the main reason the Bucs promoted Josh Johnson to starting quarterback was that his athleticism added to the Bucs playbook but doesn’t get away from what the Bucs want to do: run and throw deep.

Dominik also said something rather interesting just at the end of the interview.

“We’re committed to finding the Bucs starting quarterback of the future.”

You mean Josh Freeman isn’t? Strange.

Oh, and Joe heard Harris introduce Dominik as “the architect” of the Buccaneers. Given the fact that the Bucs very well could be 0-4, Joe’s guessing Dominik cringed when he heard that.

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