How Brett Favre Changed The Bucs

October 6th, 2009

It was the summer of 2008. Chucky, as usual, was in heat over a quarterback. Chucky never seemed to meet a quarterback he didn’t lust over.

This particular quarterback this particular July was none other than Brett Favre. Soon to be Hall of Famer and recently retired. Chucky went to bed with the blissful dreams of a lover in passion believing he would soon consummate his relationship with his bride: Favre.

But the Packers, who held the rights to Farve, did not hold their piece… eeerr, peace. They broke up the would-be matrimony. Chucky became an unrequited lover.

The only matrimony that would take place would be some months later between Raheem the Dream and Josh Freeman.

The Bucs, who got off to a great start last season, tanked in the end, which was something of a Chucky tradition, sans the year he got the Bucs over the hump with a Super Bowl ring.

One of the criticisms of Bucs quarterback Jeff Garcia (no, Joe could never criticize him for Carmella) was that he never noticed open receivers downfield and as a result, the Bucs missed countless opportunities, specifically in the December collapse that eventually sank Chucky’s coaching days with the Bucs.

Had Farve, who apparently has good genes, come to Tampa Bay, the Bucs would likely be a far-different looking team today. Watching last night’s Minnesota win over Green Bay, it’s pretty clear that Favre still has it. And it looks as though he’s going to lead the Vikings deep into January if not a February Super Bowl.

Joe’s going to take a look at how the Bucs would be a far cry from what they are today.

* Chucky would still be here.

* So too would Bruce Almighty.

* Rather than Freeman on the sideline, Favre would be barking signals. Freeman would have been a third round pick elsewhere.

* Raheem the Dream would be the Bucs defensive coordinator; Monte Kiffin still would have gone to Tennessee to be with his son Lane (and daughter-in-law Layla).

* Who knows about Mark Domink? The Bucs general manager was interviewing elsewhere, including Kansas City.

* Derrick Brooks would still be prowling the CITS sidelines wearing his menacing red No. 55.

* Cato June, Warrick Dunn and possibly Kevin Carter, all currently unemployed, would also possibly still be with the Bucs.

* Maybe even Rachel Watson would have stuck around?

One thing is for sure: If Farve was here, the Bucs wouldn’t be 0-4.

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