Harry King’s Thoughts

October 14th, 2009

By Harry King

My two cents: This Raheem the Dream is some kind of leader. He tells it like it is to his players, just like my old pal Earl Weaver. Hey, if it worked for George Patton, it can work for a football coach. His son was a great guest. … Speaking of the Orioles, watching the Bucs play defense was like watching Weaver’s teams: Sooner or later, there was going to be a couple of home runs.

Defensive players run past Sean Mahan quicker than when my boyhood friends and I used to run past ushers to sneak into Ebbets Field. I grew up with Sandy Koufax, you know? … Linebackers fly past Mahan so quickly, cops want to cite them for reckless driving. … In the offseason, Sean Mahan stays in shape by working as a greeter in a local Wal-Mart.

After eating mounds of pasta at Ciao Trattoria with Jonathon Winters, not even we were as full of it as Chucky on Monday Night Football. … Word is when Tony Dungy stated he would not be a consultant with the Bucs, Josh Freeman was seen at St. Petersburg Diocesan chapel lighting candles in thanks. … Earnest Graham has been forgotten, just like my previous seven marriages.

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