Clayton Not Concerned With Getting Cut

October 14th, 2009

Much has been made about Michael Clayton’s seemingly heartfelt and sincere apologies Tuesday during his interview with J.P. Peterson on JP’s Happy Hour on WQYK-AM 1010. Clayton apologized for using the horrible choice of words referencing his NFL checks when asked about fan reactions to his league-leading dropped passes.

(For the record, the Bucs lead the NFL in dropped passes).

But what was interesting in the interview was Clayton’s response when Peterson asked him if he was worried about getting cut, noting how the Bucs had moments prior to the interview announced the signing of wide receiver Yamon Figurs.

When Peterson asked Clayton, “Do you have any fear you might be released?” Clayton said he doesn’t concern himself with such matters.

“Nah, not at all,” Clayton said. “I don’t thing about those things. I feel deep in me that I have shown my passion of what I want to be for this football team. It’s not a good time for any body right now at all.

“It’s the nature of the business and when [you are] under this situation you will be under scrutiny. We will handle it. We will be able to deal with it. It’s about being a professional right now. You have to stay loyal and dedicated to the team. We will continue to stay the course.”

Joe was pleased to hear Clayton not offer any excuses for his dropped passes as he has in the past, claiming Chucky forced him to drop balls. Chucky, of course, is long gone.

Joe believes Clayton’s heart is in the right spot and one could almost hear the pain in his voice about how he admits his drops are letting down the team. Sadly, sympathy only goes so far in the NFL.

Sooner or later, Clayton’s going to have to register more games like he did against the Cowboys to open the season or he will be dropping passes for some other team no matter how well he blocks; no matter where his heart may lie.

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