Harry King’s Thoughts

October 6th, 2009

By Harry King

My two cents: Good to see the Bucs back in my old stomping grounds of our nation’s capital. I sure miss talking about the affairs of the day over roast beef with J. Edgar Hoover — a very misunderstood man — at Duke Ziebert’s. What a treasure trove that place was!

The Bucs offense for most of the second half was flatter than Gwyneth Paltrow. … I’m told that Mike Nugent has a habit of soiling his bathroom because he keeps missing the stool. If only Natalie Wood was so fortunate.

The play call by Greg Olson on what Raheem the Dream referred to as a quarterback double-option late in the game on third-and-goal was stranger than Paul Lynde. … Making it through a game without a penalty is as difficult for Jeremy Trueblood as it was for my old pal Dean Martin to make it through a day with only three cocktails. The man truly had a hollow leg.

This Geno Hayes is quicker on the field than Bob Hope was with a one-liner. … Speaking of Bob Hope, my special guest Thursday is Brooke Shields – LIVE! … I bet Doug Williams could still play quarterback for the Bucs and they might need him. He’s like Jackie Mason, he never grows old.

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