Bucs Fans Can Thank Bobby Bowden

October 6th, 2009

Joe loves Gene Deckerhoff. The Buccaneers radio play-by-play man is a true gem of the franchise. And Joe is proud to have spent some one-on-one time with Deckerhoff.

Today the Bucs have posted a phenomenal “Behind The Flag” video about Deckerhoff on Buccaneers.com.

Joe got chills watching it. Wow! It’s quite a well done historical piece on Deckerhoff with some great calls and video.

Deckerhoff tells the story of how Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden agreed to tape his 1989 coach’s show with Deckerhoff at 4 a.m. on Sundays so Deckerhoff could take the Bucs play-by-play gig and still keep the same job at FSU.

Thanks, Coach Bowden.

 Perhaps the only potential positive about blacked out Bucs games would be new fans discovering Deckerhoff and legions of old fans reconnecting with the legendary broadcaster.

One Response to “Bucs Fans Can Thank Bobby Bowden”

  1. Hit55Fan Says:

    I got chills to listening to him! great stuff!