Gaines Adams Trade Puts More Glare On Clayton

October 16th, 2009

Now that the Bucs have absolutely robbed the Bears of a second round pick in 2010, sending them Gaines Adams and his massive salary and even bigger wasted potential, Bucs fans and management can turn more of their attention to another overpaid underachiever: Michael Clayton.

Joe can’t help but think that the Adams trade turns up the heat on Clayton, the league’s first blocking-only receiver with an eight-figure salary.

The trade deadline is Tuesday.

If the Bucs are aggressively looking to purge the roster of solid waste, Clayton is the next place to start. Joe can’t imagine any Bucs fans would complain.

Perhaps the Bucs get lucky and move Clayton and a lifetime supply of Stickum for a third round pick.

8 Responses to “Gaines Adams Trade Puts More Glare On Clayton”

  1. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    who would want him? I cant think of anybody that desparate

  2. Hudbud Says:

    Did you know that Fox News sportscaster Chip Carter announced on the 5:30 news on Thursday that Clayton had an in office meeting with Mark Dominick earlier in the day asking for a trade? Kinda of figured you would have picked this up by now. Supposedly according to Carter Dominick told Clayton he needed to concentrate on stepping up his game but made no commitment to any trade or talks of a trade. Clayton asked because he was angry about the words Raheem used earlier in the week about his play. I’m not sure any team is foolish enough to take Clayton.

  3. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    is this a hoax did clayton ask for a trade on thursday how come i haven’t heard about this before?

  4. nick Says:

    who would want this wide unreciever? He sux…… If we traded him the Glaziers would be known as the night burglars

  5. Hudbud Says:

    Just repeating what I saw on Fox News. I thought it was kind of weird that no one else has reported it too. Maybe someone ought to ask either Clayton or Dominick about it for clarification. Joe…you listening out there?

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Can’t confirm anything on this. Tried last night. Chip Carter didn’t put anything on FOX’s Web site.

  7. Sgt Mike Says:

    Hell at this point just cut his ass, the end result would still be the same—-Dead Money on the Roster!!!! Clayton Sux BIG TIME!

  8. torontobucsfan Says:

    When the bucs signed him in the offseason I thought I had lost my mind, either that or my TV added a zero to the end of his salary figure by accident.
    Either way, if we traded him away for a bag of used mouthguards I’d be happy.
    They could start Figures and see better results than Clayton no hands could ever produce.
    I could see a team like the Chargers taking him. He can block on screen passes to Sproles and he’s the typical blueprint extra tall receiver that the chargers love.

    p.s. bet on the bucs this weekend to any of you gamblers out there.