Gaines Adams Traded

October 16th, 2009

Standing ovation to Mark Dominik and Raheem The Dream for finding a taker for Gaines Adams, who was well on his way to becoming one of the biggest draft busts in Bucs history.

Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli apparently see something in Adams that nobody else does. Their Bears traded for Adams today and gave the Bucs a second round pick in 2010.

That’s right a second round pick!  Great news for Bucs fans.

Joe is freaking pumped. Nothing like some uplifting news in the midsts of this crappy season.

Now Joe has no idea whether the Bears pick up Adams’ fat salary for the rest of the season. But if so, the Glazers surely will be dancing into the wee hours tonight.

Joe will have more through the night on this stunning development.

9 Responses to “Gaines Adams Traded”

  1. Fredrick Says:

    And now we can officially add Gaines Adams name to that of Booker Reese, Ron Holmes, Keith McCants, Eric Curry, and Regan Upshaw, as fellow First Round Buccaneers DE busts.

  2. Mark Says:

    good news! i thought the most we would get for him would be like a 4th rounder, but a 2nd round pick!!!!!! alright!!!!!!!!

  3. Dave O Says:

    Bravo.Shrewd deal by management.Speculation on who the Bucs target with the 18th-25th pick of round 2 ?

  4. Mike Says:

    I applaud the deal. I think it similar to us stealing a 2nd round pick from the Colts for Booger McFarland.

    However, do we trust Dominick and the college scouting staff (if they are still here in 2010) to draft the right players with the 10 picks accumulated so far? Do the Glazers realize that they will actually have to pay dollars to 10 draft picks?

    It won’t help this team in the short team, but we are in full blown rebuilding mode now, so if we get a player in the second round (which replaces the pick we traded away to get Winslow, correct?), then it definitely will be worthwhile.

  5. aldo Says:

    OMG!!! caybrew for all i invite!!!! this news makes me feel happy!!!! this will be the reborn of the team, remember my words!!!

  6. Matt88 Says:

    if you think about we pretty much traded gaines adams and a 5th round pick for kellen winslow…thats a pretty good trade to me…GO BUCS!

  7. Tom Says:

    I would feel much better about this trade if Dennis Hickey and his underlings, who were largely responsible for scouting and spending the 4th overall pick in 07, weren’t still around to screw up future drafts.

  8. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    The Buc’s second rounder may well be the first pick of rond two while the bear’s pick may be in the bottom five or six so don’t get all giddy abouth the round number. But, for a guy who has perfomed like a girley-man any pick is an improvement. Now, how do we dump Clayton?

  9. Paul Says:

    Now watch Adams flourish with good coaching and make it to the Pro Bowl next year. Double digit sacks for three years.

    Don’t like Adams but a change of scenery and away from inferior coaching staff might do wonders. The kid does have all the physical tools but he plays like a headcase. Marinelli might be the cure.

    But in a case adios Adams! You’re a bust here in Tampa!