Gaines Adams’ Pants Are On Fire

October 20th, 2009

The Chicago media was formally introduced to Gaines Adams yesterday. And per an Associated Press report, Adams sold them a bill of goods claiming he was Mr. Work Ethic.

“Every day I went to work at Tampa, I gave it my all,” Adams said. “Obviously, things didn’t work out as planned.”


“I have no idea,” he said. “Obviously, the coaches wanted to go in a different route, and it’s something that I had to go with.”


This is laughable and Joe can point to two prominent feature stories that refute Adams’ claims of being such a hard worker.

First, Pat “Vacation Man” Yasinskis, of, basically wrote a whole spread on how Adams upped his commitment to the game this last offseason. Essentially, he reported Adams’ work ethic wasn’t where it needed to be in his first two seasons with the Bucs.

Second, Joe will point to a feature story by Rick Stroud, aka The Mad Twitterer, Bucs beat writer for the St. Pete Times.  In a June feature about the Bucs new strength and conditioning coach, Stroud claimed “[Adams] boycotted the squat rack” in his first two seasons.

Both stories referenced Adams’ lack of strength.

As for Adams responding “I have no idea” to questions about why he was traded, Joe is impressed that Adams is seemingly oblivious to the multiple times he was called out by Raheem The Dream before and during the season.

Joe wonders whether Adams knows what country he lives in.

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