The QB Blast: Bucs Pass On The Deep Shots

October 20th, 2009

carlsonBy JEFF CARLSON analyst

Former Bucs quarterback Jeff Carlson writes the weekly QB Blast column here at Joe is ecstatic to have him firing away. Carlson has TV gigs in the Bay area and trains quarterbacks of all ages via his company, America’s Best Quarterback.

I haven’t been to too many Bucs games purely as a fan.

Usually, I have a professional reason to be there, but Sunday I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with my son, plenty of empty seats around to spread out (just nine rows from the Bucs sideline).

No one yelled or stood up in front of me until Clifton Smith got knocked out on that punt return just before halftime. People all around us started cursing and screaming over that cheap shot, but not over the lack of deep shots (zero, by the way) the Bucs took with their passing game.

I would be starting to get a bit frustrated over the Bucs’ inability to pressure the secondary deep with any of their receivers, but the Carolina Panthers didn’t do anything differently than the Bucs.

Aqib Talib shut down Steve Smith, but Smith doesn’t have any touchdowns all season and Jake Delhomme didn’t take one shot at his 6-2 receiver Muhsin Muhammad, who was matched up much of the day on 5-10 Ronde Barber.

With the Panthers running over the Bucs on the line of scrimmage and with Delhomme’s four TDs and 10 interceptions on the year, I might be gun-shy to throw it up as well. At least it’s good to know there is another team that doesn’t try to exploit the whole field. And with the help of special teams and defensive touchdowns, the Bucs played within one score.

Unfortunately for the Bucs, Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker and a few other Patriots just might use the whole field.

3 Responses to “The QB Blast: Bucs Pass On The Deep Shots”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Jeff, it was pretty strong wind out of the North. I believe this contributed to interceptions by both Delhomme and Josh Johnson. When Josh throws his 20yd or less bullets, he is money, but he has some problems lofting the ball deep and over coverages. I think most QB’s would have had some trouble throwing deep in that wind. The kickers in warmups were having trouble with it too. Just a thought, before JJ gets thrown under the bus.

  2. Chester Says:

    Excuses. Not even close to the wind in the MEadowlands or other stadiums. I’m sure Mr. Carlson would agree.

  3. Jeff Carlson Says:

    It was a windy day, but I don’t think it kept either team from throwing specific passes. Kickoffs were a bit longer going south in general.
    I’m also not throwing JJ under the bus, but more of an indictment on the receivers ability to push upfield. Michael Clayton was covered by a LB (Davis) when he was in the slot. A team has to be able to beat that matchup at some time throughout a game.
    Also, Olson (offensive coordinator) is using absolutely no imagination in his offense to help create running lanes or passing lanes. JJ has created his own first downs after he takes a glance at the defense, but wouldn’t a designed rollout of some kind be in order for a QB with legs like his?