Are Bucs Shopping Their 2010 First Round Pick?

October 17th, 2009

Sometimes, Joe likes to relax with a cold Caybrew and think like a Glazer.

Sometimes, to get further into the moment, Joe even withdraws all the cash in his checking account and sits with it on his couch. Smoke from Joe’s fat Bucanero fills the room.

Now knowing the Glazers’ aversion to getting their payroll anywhere near the NFL salary cap, Joe has to wonder whether Brian or Joel have put the word out to Mark Dominik that as long as he’s in a trading mood, he’s encouraged (wink) to package the Bucs’ 2010 first round pick before Tuesday’s trade deadline.

As the Bucs march toward a top 3 pick in the draft, there’s no reason to think the Glazers have any interest in paying the fat signing bonus and salary it would cost to sign that player.

Joe has to believe that if the Bucs can get a player they like before Tuesday’s deadline, plus a second and third round pick in 2010, then they’d have no problem parting with their No. 1 pick.

After all, remember Joel Glazer’s in depth comments about patience and building through the draft.

Surely, Joe knows the Glazers might be wise to hold their No. 1 pick. There’s plenty of time for a good trade. But don’t be surprised if it’s gone by Tuesday.

One Response to “Are Bucs Shopping Their 2010 First Round Pick?”

  1. Matt Says:

    Not going to happen. Would be more than shocked.