Dante Wesley’s Assault On Clifton Smith

October 19th, 2009

[UPDATE: Dante Wesley was suspended by the NFL for one game for his assault on Clifton Smith.]

For Bucs fans who may have missed it, here’s the assult by Carolina’s Dante Wesley on defenseless Clifton Smith.

9 Responses to “Dante Wesley’s Assault On Clifton Smith”

  1. leningan Says:

    couldn’t believe this hit… My brother was at the game and said wesley was attempting to explain himself to the refs, by pointing up. he thinks he was arguing that the ball’s shadow threw him off…. I don’t know about that. but it is hard to believe that Wesley would do this if he knew how far away the ball was… that was what made this play so infuriating.

  2. leningan Says:

    by the way i just finished reading all the stories from yesterday… phew! the joe’s were busy… that was almost as torturous as carolina’s last drive

  3. Pete Says:

    Oh no, it was Talib I remember going after the guy but he did have helmet on in that clip, I think he removed it shortly after but by this time Sabby and others had him in tow. # 54 had his helmet off early in the scrum.

    Most emotion from the Bucs all season.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    The skumbag got a lousy 1 game suspension. Roger Goodell sucks and again, No Love for the Bucs or their players.

  5. Dosta Says:

    That hit was so wrong…should be suspended for at least 5 games without pay, and a $100,000 fine.. If it was a QB that would happen…

    But it was only a Buc, so just a 1 game suspension without Pay.

    BigMac Attack is right!!! Roger Goodell Sucks and so does Dante Whimpley!

  6. Larry Says:

    Last year on the Boldin hit, that Jets player got a one gamer and $50,000 fine for a hit made as the ball reached Boldin. Peanut was flat on his back whenever the ball hit the ground. I think Wesley got off really easy. 4 games and $100,000 would have gotten the leagues attention.

  7. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Goodell is notorious for uneven fines/suspensions. While that hit last year broke Boldin’s jaw this was just as dangerous. Yet if you get busted for something off the field it’s a 4 game suspension + fine. I don’t think it’s sending the right message in protecting the players on the field.

  8. Radio Raheem Says:

    LA Buccaneers

  9. Justin Says:

    1 game? BS.

    I hope we never become the LA Buccaneers–I’m pretty sure that would be devastating for the Tampa community.