The Football Moron Returns

October 14th, 2009

The Football Moron of BSPN breaksdown the Panthers-Bucs game this Sunday. For once, this clown makes sense, though it sounds ugly for Bucs fans.

10 Responses to “The Football Moron Returns”

  1. thedeej3000 Says:

    You really think they are going to put Barber on Smith?? I know are coaches aren’t the brightest bulbs in the drawer, but ti seems to me you have to stick Aqib on Smith all day…

  2. ChuckInJax Says:

    Thanks for removing that other piece from yesterday that I wrote you about. I am not one to second guess the genius that is ‘Joe’, but I think Joe needs to add a Stop/Pause control on that RedZone bit. Thanks, again, Joe for all of your coverage of ‘our’ struggling ship as we traverse the doldrums, and your response to your loyal crew!!!!

  3. Charkh Says:

    Completely off topic, but I wanted to point out something I noticed while looking up stats for fantasy football. Michael Clayton was tied with the most targets on the team. Both he and Kellen Winslow had 12 targets. He caught 3, Kellen caught 9. It’s really time to put in Stovall, because having 9 plays be worthless because you can’t catch is unacceptable.

  4. mr. Lucky Says:

    He Charkh – I’ll better you one and say this:

    Bench Clayton. Promote Winslow to the #2 WR. Use Jeremy Stevens and John Gilmore as the TE’s. Then you can have Stovall or Clark platooning with Winslow and use Sammy Stroughter in the slot position.

    I agree that it is time to sit Clayton for a period.

    The reason I say this is that I know if I were playing QB I’d have 2nd or 3rd thoughts about tossing to Clayton on a 3rd down or even a 4th down.

  5. leningan Says:

    i like that wr core… winslow is essentially useless on the line anyway. this is why i don’t think the figurs signing is going to mean much in the near-term… he can’t possibly be given a look before stroughter’s playing time drastically increases. unless… a trade is in the works with clifton going and figurs figures to be the new return specialist… i’ll grab my coat.

  6. Joe Says:


    winslow is essentially useless on the line anyway

    King of Turds is worse.

  7. leningan Says:

    totally agree… can’t see how he is still getting on the field, i was more excited about getting winslow out in the open field doing what he does best… gilmore can hold it down, and perhaps clayton should get a look at the “blocking TE” role

  8. wfb Says:

    talib will be on smith

  9. mr. Lucky Says:

    wfb – I agree 100% and will go out on a limb and predict that not only will Talib shut down Smith – like he did with DeShawn Jackson last week, but I will predict that Talib gets an INT this week as Jake Delohm tries to force the ball to Smith, in essence testing Talib.

    The problem next week won’t be Smith but Mohammad getting open.

  10. Greg Says:

    Mr. Lucky, I’m all for benching Clayton (or, better yet, making him a blocking tight end from here on out), but I’m thinking making Winslow a #2 will negate his advantage, which is beating the linebackers trying to cover him. Not sure he’d fair that well against corners and safeties. But, what do the Bucs have to lose trying it out the rest of this year to see if he can do it???