Welcome To The NFL’s Worst Defense

September 20th, 2009

There’s just so little positive to say about the Bucs’ defense after another 400+ yard effort by their opponent and 26 points on the scoreboard (Byron Leftwich gave away the other seven with a pickoff return).

The Bucs’ defense is horrendous right now. That’s the only way to describe not being able to stuff the run, rush the passer or defend the big pass (Joe hates spin, as loyal readers know.).

Missed tackle after missed tackle. Arm tackles broken. Shoulder tackles broken. Jermaine Phillips and Sabby Piscitelli flying into the backfield only to whiff at key moments.  

The pass rush is anemic. A pocket passer like Buffalo’s Trent Edwards had time to hang in and complete more than two-thirds of his passes. And if Terrell Owens doesn’t drop that second half bomb …

Where does Jim Bates go from here?

Tim Crowder looked better than Gaines Adams. That’s a start. Geno Hayes is improving. Tanard Jackson will be back in three weeks. The NFL Draft is in just seven months.

One Response to “Welcome To The NFL’s Worst Defense”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    the offense will soon catch them