Speechmaker Raheem Is A Chucky Clone

September 19th, 2009

Raheem The Dream reveals his former boss taught him how to sell the Kool-Aid

No doubt there’s an in-your-face pregame speech from Raheem The Dream coming to the Bucs tomorrow in the bowels of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

He’ll sell the Bucs on whatever he thinks is going to inspire them to bring it every snap, as if an 0-1 start and getting embarrased at home against Dallas isn’t enough to motivate them.

The way Raheem The Dream delivers this address will no doubt be Chucky-inspired. Raheem The Dream himself proclaimed this to the Buffalo News.

When it comes to addressing the team, he’s a Jon Gruden disciple to the core.

“The one thing I was able to take from him and absolutely steal from him is the ability to deliver a presentation to a football team,” Morris said. “He’s amazing. He has everyone drinking out of the same Kool-Aid jar by the time you leave that room. I want to get this team to believe and execute what we are trying to get done.”

One thing Joe can say for Chucky, his team’s came to play. And that’s a big part of what made last year’s December collapse so upsetting. The Bucs were giving the effort yet were getting pummeled severely.

Joe hopes Raheem The Dream can get through to his young Bucs how absolutely critical Sunday’s game is.

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