Sabby Faces The Music

September 19th, 2009

A scapegoat of sorts for the Bucs loss to Dallass last week was Bucs safety Sabby Piscitelli.

Joe’s not suggesting Piscitelli was blameless. Oh, no. He was one of the main culprits. But Bucs fans singled him out both at the game and in the waning days since.

Piscitelli was roasted on a number of plays. But Joe is impressed that Piscitelli isn’t hiding unlike what some jackasses do after a loss.

Piscitelli appeared on his weekly radio show this week with J.P. Peterson on WQYK-AM 1010. Peterson wasted no time in peppering Piscitelli with questions about the secondary breakdowns against Dallass.

And Piscitelli didn’t duck the questions.

“When you play a game, there are always plays that you want back. You have to learn from them,” Piscitelli said. “The play that I was real upset about was the pump fake by [Tony] Romo that got me on the Patrick Crayton pass in the fourth quarter. That was my responsibility. We were in corner coverage and he pump-faked me. It was my responsibility to be more over the top.

“I have to be more accountable. It’s something I can’t do. No excuse.

“Another play I was in zero coverage, it was a miscommunication on my part. My fault again. It was an all out blitz and Crayton got behind me and I was too low. No excuses. Thank god [Aqib] Talib was there but it was still a 40-yard gain. I was accountable.”

Piscitelli said he didn’t need to hear from coaches, fans or the fourth estate he had a horrible game. In fact, he feels horrible about his play.

“I am my worst critic,” Piscitelli said. “Just that one play, it has hung over my head to this day. But I have to learn from it and use it as motivation. I didn’t even know I let the team in tackles. I can make 20 good plays but it is the one bad play that stays with me.”

Piscitelli thinks he can recover from his dark day.

“Every time you step on the field you learn and adjust,” Piscitelli said.”I don’t want to let my team down. I take it personal.”

8 Responses to “Sabby Faces The Music”

  1. Dave Says:

    Another fine program.
    Joe has good taste.

  2. Pete Says:

    Good for him! We learn by doing! We learn by failing more often than not.

  3. Mike Says:

    I must have missed the announcement, but why doesn’t WDAE have any more player shows during the week? Was it Raheem’s decision not to let them or WDAE’s decision not to do them or? They also jettisoned Pewter Report’s Buccaneer Blitz, and it all seems very odd for the flagship station of the Bucs to be farming out all these shows to other stations in town…

  4. Jorge Says:

    Its because 1010 is kicking 620’s @$$ in programming, plain and simple…

    I don’t know if this post will make it out the door since Joe’s new “Affiliation”, but in the early morning 1010 has a pretty good humble cast that keeps it light and fun. 620’s early morning, ehh. Then they have Dan Partick till noon, 620 not DP. We move on to drive time in which award winning journalists JP Peterson is locking it down with his fun, responsible take on local and national stories…620, again, same old same old grunt and ahh sky is falling stuff…

    Now let’s see how much integrity Joe has…

  5. Joe Says:


    There’s a lot Joe can’t say (unless you want to join him at Lee Roy Selmon’s in St. Petersburg Sunday) but Joe can say the colorful magazine was involuntarily removed from Clear Channel’s airwaves.


    Joe is still beyond peeved that Bobby Fenton was let loose so 1010 could pipe in that piece of shit Dull Patrick and his non-basketball association loving ass. Yet another reason for Joe to have satalite radio.

  6. Pete Says:

    Both Radio stations lack consistent good sports talk radio. Tampa is not blessed on that front.

    I wish both would come up with another local show (Jim Rome and Dan Patrick are IMO a waste of time slots, better suited to a local talent). To much information available in other media to waste my time listening to a national show.

    620 had no real competition for so long. We shall see if 1010 can make them a better starion.

    Sileo and Dumig mostly talk sports (Ron and Ian talk to much about other things – nothing wrong with Chicks and Food but come on) but both have attitude limitations.

    1010’s guys are not really that great either but at least they’re different.

    Yep Tampa’s sports talk is nothing like some of the real sports towns.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree that Romey gets boring and i’d much rather hear about the local Team’s scene. I bet if they gave Justin P. the 12:00 Rome slot rating would clime a little bit. I know rome is a National Name for sales, but even if they cut him to 3 days a week and filled in with local info.

  8. Joe Says:


    Jim Rome brings in loads of advertising dollars to Clear Channel. It’s been a while but the last time Joe checked, only Rush Limbaugh was a bigger money-maker in this market; and it wasn’t by very much.

    Jim Rome isn’t always Joe’s cup of tea, but let’s be honest: Radio stations are not charities. Midday sports radio isn’t much of a cash cow in any market so to make money with midday programming, well, Jim Rome isn’t going anywhere.