Ruud Peeved At Cowboys’ Big Plays

September 13th, 2009

Bucs linebacker Barrett Ruud didn’t have to mention any names. But he is furious with his secondary.

Ruud, speaking on the Bucs radio network postgame show, all but called out members of the Bucs secondary for getting torched by Tony Romo this afternoon.

“It’s frustrating,” Ruud said. “This [loss] was more about breakdowns than getting outmanned. We played well most of the game but we can’t give up explosive plays like that against a team like Dallas.”

Ruud is confident the Bucs can right themselves.

“We will clean those up,” Ruud said. “All of our mistakes were correctable.”

Ruud also suggested the Bucs pass rush needs to improve.

“Quarterbacks are too good in this league to allow them to make two reads,” Ruud said, “If we take care of our responsibilities, we’ll be OK.”

3 Responses to “Ruud Peeved At Cowboys’ Big Plays”

  1. Sn00seG00se Says:

    Spot on by Ruud. Buc messageboards would have you believe that the entire organisation is collapsing but today showed that it was only poor pass defense that let the team down from a big upset.

    A few niggly bits of clock management issues are easily cleaned up. The front and back fours of the D have got to play better – they gave the offense no chance.

    “We played well most of the game but we can’t give up explosive plays like that against a team like Dallas.”

    That tells the story.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Yeah what are you gonna do – get a whole new front line so you can have a pass rush?

    The Bucs got burned for big plays against Jacksonville and today was no different.

    Good Ruud call them out and tell Sabby to get his shit together or else release Talib on him.

  3. Bucked Up Says:

    Tanard Jackson should shoulder some of the blame for not being available to start. Piscitelli wouldnt start in a college backfield and definately showed his true colors again today. He looked like one of those nameless guys from East Gemany chasing Bolt in the 200 meter. Can substitutes be used on a suspension?

    Gaines Adams idea of a breakout year seems to be to disappear on the field. Cant believe someone with a three foot neck doesnt show up on the television screen, even by accident.

    How bout some props for Ronde for showing some of the grit from years past that the old timer still has in him. Too bad it didnt last much past halftime or maybe we should we change it to naptime?

    Lots of work to do here. Romo’s passes were mostly off the mark and he still had his best game of his life against this secondary and enjoyed little pressure in the second half.
    Not sure who the heat got to worse in this game.

    Seriously though, Way to go Caddy! A great story and real reason to hold onto some hope.