Running Backs Rotation Skipped Graham

September 13th, 2009

One carry for Earnest Graham against Dallas says all you need to know about the three-headed running backs rotation the Bucs allegedly were going to use against the Cowboys and through the 2009 season.

Joe’s said from Day 1, when the silly plan was announced, that the proposed running backs rotation was nothing more than a smokescreen or a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. There are few employed coaches in the NFL who won’t stick with the hot guy.

So according to today’s script, Cadillac Williams got the start and had many Bucs fans near tears with his total-package running style and success.

Joe got choked up, too. Caddy was dynamite. Nasty. Running angry. Doing jump cuts. Almost flying through the air, as well as lowering his shoulder.

If only the Bucs’ defense wanted it as much as Caddy.

Caddy went as planned for the first two series, but called for a rest following a 35-yard run in the middle of the second series. Derrick Ward came in and Cadillac relieved him a few plays later for a touchdown run with Graham as the lead blocker. Ward took his turn in the rotation and peformed well — 12 carries for 62 yards — continuing his high yards-per-carry average from a year ago.

Graham was to be the third running back in but didn’t appear in that role. Cadillac opened the second half as the No. 1 back.

Graham later turned in another punishing back for Derrick Ward’s second-half touchdown run.

Joe suspects we’ll see a lot more of Graham at fullback, as Graham said himself on Tuesday.

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