Raheem The Dream = Bruce Almighty?

September 4th, 2009
How much did Raheem the Dream learn from Bruce Almighty?

How much did Raheem the Dream learn from Bruce Almighty?

If Joe (of JoeBucsFan.com) didn’t know any better (but he does), he would think that Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune took a peek at Joe’s (of JoeBucsFan.com) column calling out Raheem the Dream for not doing due diligence in vetting Jeff Jagodzinski during the interview process.

But Joe (of JoeBucsFan.com) does know better. Joe Henderson, who Joe (of JoeBucsFan.com) is a great admirer of, would never stoop to such a level. Besides, Joe (of JoeBucsFan.com) simply decided to hit the “Publish” button sooner than someone on Parker Street.

Henderson may have been harsher on Raheem the Dream than Joe (of JoeBucsFan.com) was. In fact, Henderson is of the mind that Raheem the Dream not doing homework on Jagodzinski before he was hired is just one of many examples of how Raheem the Dream may be in over his head.

Henderson even went so far as to invoke Bruce Almighty’s name in chastising Raheem the Dream.

Problem is, you can’t look at this move in a vacuum. Morris may be affable, energetic and magnetic, but he is rapidly approaching Bruce Allen status for misinformation.

Morris said the Bucs would keep only three quarterbacks, but now might keep four. Morris said he would name his starting quarterback after two games, but then waited through three games and a couple of days.

Morris moved Jermaine Phillips from safety to linebacker, said it was permanent, then moved him back to safety.

And then there was Tanard Jackson’s four-game suspension for a substance-abuse violation, followed quickly by Aqib Talib’s arrest. Morris was their position coach before he was promoted.

Taken separately, each thing might have a reasonable explanation.

Taken collectively, especially now, this looks like a team in chaos.

Joe (of JoeBucsFan.com) isn’t ready to call the team in chaos quite yet. The defense appears sound and for all we know Aqib Talib’s lone offense (very) recently was that he was too drunk to understand what a couple of Florida state troopers were saying while he was sitting in a cab.

No excuses for Tanard Jackson though.

Was the hiring of Jagodzinski a bad one? Sure. Maybe the Bucs brass thought/hoped whatever magic he worked on Matt Ryan would rub off on Josh Freeman. One (bad) hire in a coach’s first few months on the job is enough to overcome.

Unlike Father Dungy’s wretched collection of Bucs offensive coordinators over the years, at least Raheem the Dream had the cajones/common sense to throw the trash out right away instead of letting it rot further and try to make excuses for it.

2 Responses to “Raheem The Dream = Bruce Almighty?”

  1. kyle Says:

    Joe please just call him Henderson. Too hard to read man.

  2. Joe Says:


    Joe (yours truly) was thinking the same thing. Glad you confirmed Joe’s thoughts.

    That was a great column by Henderson. The line about Chucky was a good one.