Massive Pressure Mounting On Raheem, Dominik

September 3rd, 2009

Joe is a Bucs fan through and through. And Joe still believes the season is decided on the field, not by a bunch of wild chatter before opening day. 

That said, things are looking mighty grim for 2009.

Factor in the brutal schedule, widespread coaching changes, the Jagodzinski debacle, a collection of inexperienced players on defense and a third-tier starting quarterback, and the Bucs are staring down the barrel of very long odds.

Joe had high hopes for Raheem The Dream and Mark Dominik and still does, but the Jagodzinski firing is honest proof of their inexperience and possibly their incompetence.

The consensus reports from various media is that Jagodzinski was considered a flat-out bust by Raheem The Dream and Dominik.

They hired a dud who they couldn’t peg in the interview process. Shame on them. So they kicked him to the curb. 

Vacation Man, of, sums it up nicely.

In simple terms, the reason for Jagodzinski’s firing was the Bucs came to the conclusion he didn’t have the wherewithal to be a coordinator. He didn’t even call his own plays, his practice methods didn’t make a lot of sense and there was overwhelming doubt that he could develop this offense into anything close to a competitive unit.

It’s smart of Raheem The Dream and Dominik to move on if they thought Jags was a bust. But in the NFL you get few, if any, major do-overs to work with as a young head coach and GM.

Now there’s more pressure on The Dream and Dominik then ever. They’ve lost the benefit of the doubt.

Fans won’t tolerate — or buy tickets for — a bottom-feeding team. And Joe suspects the Glazers won’t afford them another mulligan, either.

10 Responses to “Massive Pressure Mounting On Raheem, Dominik”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Helter Skelter

  2. Sgt Mike Says:

    I’ll say it again! Cowher or Shanahan in 2010!

  3. Milk'em Glazer Says:

    Sorry Sgt Mike … that would actually cost me some money to pay for a legit coach! I’ve got my eye on a backup midfielder for my Euro kickball team … that’s where my preferences are these days

    PS) by tix or we will have blackouts

  4. Mike Says:

    The Glazer’s are just reinforcing that old saying of “you get what you pay for”. When you’d rather spend your dwindling fortune across the pond in Manchester than with the team and it’s fans that helped you amass said fortune, they deserve the season they are about to get. However they will have to end up spending more money next season anyways when we get a top 5 draft pick we have to sign to a huge signing bonus.

  5. kyle Says:

    If this team is 0-3 or 1-4, or 3-7, Raheem is going to be reeling so bad the wheels are going to come off. He’s always talking about having a play, but he won’t admit this is a big f’n rebuilding project that is off to a crappy star.t

  6. george c. costanza Says:

    It’s all gonna be OK, Joe.


    Raheem wouldn’t have fired Jags without consulting numerous offensive players because he prides himself on being honest and straightforward with them. They appreciate that about Raheem.

    The Jags firing has resulted in a shitstorm of criticism aimed primarily at Raheem.

    They players will have Raheem’s back. They will play hard for him, knowing he has come under an avalanche of harsh critism from fans and sportswriters.

    I’m not saying we’ll win the division. I’m saying it’s gonna be OK. The Bucs still surprise a lot of people this year.

  7. Johnny Mac Says:

    The Buc’s have a plan. I understand they are looking at hiring a great offensive coordinator out of Tampa Jesuit. Raheem really likes what he see’s in him. And with “Sandwich throwing the deep ball occasionally to Buc players. We’re going to be in alot of games (in the 1st few minutes at least).

  8. Tye Says:

    I agree totally with Sgt. MIKE!

    It is true that you get what you pay for and right now the cheap approach to HC seems to quickly be undoing all the building up the Bucs have done over the last several years.

  9. Robert Keesler Says:

    This is a train wreck all the way. Hell I even let my ex-wife use tonight’s tickets with her boyfriend!

  10. grumpy4669 Says:

    Dude, Robert, you’re freakin’ SINISTER!!!