Jim Bates: Lay Off Gaines Adams

September 17th, 2009

Gaines Adams is rapidly approaching Kenyatta Walker territory as the most hated Bucs player. Drafted fourth overall in 2007, Adams, with only sporadic occurrences, has not come close to living up to being drafted so high.

Some fans if not media members have already labeled Adams as a bust. Raheem the Dream states he will be a bust if he doesn’t record double-digit sacks this season. After a virtual invisible performance in the Bucs loss to Dallass to open the season, the torches are lit and the knives sharpened for Adams.

Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates thinks the harsh fan (if not media) reaction to Adams is unwarranted and per Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, Bates decided to go public in his defense of his defensive end.

Bates said a review of the tape from the Bucs’ 34-21 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday showed that Adams had a little bit better game than anyone has been willing to give him credit for.

“You got to look at the tape and [while] it wasn’t consistent, there were a couple of times when Gaines had a tremendous rush,” Bates said after the team workout Wednesday at One Buc Place.

“I mean, he made a couple of moves on the edge there against Flozelle Adams and was right at the quarterback’s mouth, but when you throw on five-step [drops] and on timing routes, sometimes the ball comes out quick.”

Bates does have a point. Romo was getting rid of the ball quite quickly. And going against Flozell Adams isn’t exactly a cakewalk.

But if Adams is to live up to Raheem the Dream’s goal, he now has 15 games to record 10 sacks. That will be a helluva season if Adams can pull that off.

This move by Bates is savvy. It not only is a ploy to build up Adams’ confidence, but it also was a motivational move by Bates. Adams now will feel indebted to Bates for sticking up for him and as a result, will try to make his new best friend proud.

One Response to “Jim Bates: Lay Off Gaines Adams”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    I thought the best rush that Adams had was to the locker room right after the game.

    Psychology crap – Get his ass up the field, learn a move other than an outside rush.