“I Want To Know The Real Reason”

September 4th, 2009

New Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson watches Luke McCown

Raheem The Dream axing former offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski is still the talk of the NFL. So, of course, the NFL Network’s Total Access crew of Rich Eisen, Jamie Dukes and Rod Woodson picked apart the move.

Woodson, who was just inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame a few weeks ago, was the harshest on Raheem The Dream, going so far as stating the Bucs “will be the bottom of the barrell of the NFL South.”

On Jagodzinski’s firing Woodson said, “I want to know the real reason.”

Dukes wondered aloud if older coaches actually respect head coaches younger than they are.

8 Responses to ““I Want To Know The Real Reason””

  1. Kirk Says:

    The reason Jags got fired was, he just didn’t get the job done. Kansas City fired their OC and I think Buffalo fired theirs, soooo why, if these teams made a move like this so close to the season opener, why is the Buccaneers being held up to so much scrutiny? If I don’t do my job as expected, well, unemployement surely will rear its ugly head. The Bucs will be just fine. Win or lose, this is my team. Go Bucs, Go Joe, Go Caybrew.

  2. Sgt Mike Says:

    I call Bullshit! Haley and Morris are in way over there heads especially the latter. Raheem simply wanted things his way period and as all coordinators worth their price they want to prove they have the system to beat. Unfortunately The Dream is a defensive coach getting his feet wet with the offense for the first time and should have let Jags have a say in who his systems QB would be and thats not how it went. Now he’s thrown a monkey wrench in the whole program. I love how all the sports beat writers say that Freeman loves Olson. Didn’t they say that about ultra bust OC’s like Clyde Christiansen, Mike Shula and Les Steckel. Look where that got us. I’d rather the QB despise the OC but become the leader we need them to be. Olson was trash with the Lions and Rams. There is very little indication that he will change just as Lefty won’t change. Pis Poor move by the Bucs. Gruden didn’t mess with Monte’s Defense so what’s up?

  3. Kirk Says:

    Sgt Mike. Take a deep breath dude, its just a game.

  4. Tye Says:

    Just one mans opinion:

    Simply put, Morris + HC position = MISTAKE!

  5. Sgt Mike Says:

    I’m not mad at you brother just not very happy with our Bucco’s of late. I did not agree with the hiring of Morris and would have rather kept Chucky until we had a better Idea of the coaching landscape before letting him go. Although I did feel it was time to part ways with the Chuckster.

  6. grumpy4669 Says:

    Sgt Mike, Josh McDaniels is the one head coach in WAYYYY over his head!! While I’m the first one to bash Raheem the Bad Dream, I do have to admit he’s not as bad as McDaniels. At least Raheem hasn’t cost us a Pro Bowl QB and a #1 WR!!

  7. grumpy4669 Says:

    Fuck, too many Caybrews, I’m being WAY to POSITIVE!!!

  8. Sgt Mike Says:

    I would have to concur on the McDaniels thing. He’s not just in over his head, he’s an idiot.