Friday Night A Big Night For Johnson

September 3rd, 2009

The last game of the preseason is generally so painful Joe typically has football withdrawal symptoms from all the future UPS drivers, bouncers and insurance salesmen that will play in the game.

Any player with a remote chance of starting will barely break a sweat. In short, the last game of the preseason is for bubble players trying to make one more impression.

Enter Josh Johnson. The Bucs fourth (?) string quarterback could seal his fate, good or bad, by how he plays Friday night, so writes Tom Balog of the Sarasota Herald-Review. If he has a good game, Luke McCown may be packing his bags.

He may have to work his magic again, to reaffirm that he deserves to stick with the Buccaneers for a second season.

Head coach Raheem Morris is straddling the fence with Johnson, having said last week that Johnson, his fourth quarterback, would “probably” make the roster because he is one of the Buccaneers’ 53 best players.

Then on Tuesday, Morris tempered that statement by stating he’s not being influenced by former head coach Jon Gruden’s teachings, to want to keep four quarterbacks, as Gruden did with Tampa Bay last year.

Simply put, Raheem The Dream isn’t Chucky. Joe can’t see him keeping four quarterbacks. With the Bucs needing help so many other places, it’s not a luxury the Bucs can afford.

2 Responses to “Friday Night A Big Night For Johnson”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    What ticks me off about this 4th preseason game (besides the owners charging full price for an exhibition game) is that the Bucs starter – Byron Leftwich – hasn’t really played in the preseason!

    I mean Brett Favre has played more quarters than Byron! Who needs the reps more: Brett or Byron?

    I understand the need to evaluate players in a real game setting but I would let Byron play for the first quarter with the first team REGARDLESS.

    As for keeping QB’s on the roster – If I were in charge I would cut Luke and keep the Josh’s. Rationale: If Luke couldn’t beat Byron to start what makes you think he can enter a game (when Byron gets injured) and win?

  2. Alexander Says:

    Hey Lucky,

    Big problem with your argument… Leftwich didn’t beat Luke, he just wasn’t awarded the job. Also, most backup quarterbacks are that way.

    What made the Patriots think that Matt Cassel could enter a game and win? Next thing you know he’s getting $14 Million plus to get his butt waxed from the Chiefs.

    Do I have to start a thread on the other board (if you use the same name) or do you get it?