Rays Ticket Woes Welcome At One Buc Place

September 3rd, 2009
Joe speculates Malcolm Glazer is grateful he doesnt own the Rays

Joe speculates Malcolm Glazer is grateful he doesn't own the Rays

Joe has been flabbergasted by the Tampa Bay Rays’ home attendance the past two nights. For two critical games in their quest to return to the World Series, the Rays drew fewer than 20,000 fans on Tuesday and Wednesday, despite playing rival the Boston Red Sox.

(For those of you who care nothing about baseball, please bear with Joe a moment. This take is about the Bucs).

This pathetic turnout is official confirmation that Tampa Bay is not a baseball market. And Joe believes that’s welcome news at One Buc Palace. Especially after the Bucs having been pounding the market with ticket sales advertisements for weeks.

Nobody, not even the Glazers marketing gurus and ticket sales hounds, could have predicted the Rays’ massive struggles this week at the gate. The Rays turnout has got to make the Bucs feel better about their place in the market and the state of their ticket sales effort, whatever that might be.

Imagine the panic inside at One Buc Palace if the Rays had sold out these games.

Joe already is sure the Bucs’ opening day will not be blacked out.

Now Joe is confident the Bucs’ ticket sales effort is going quite swimmingly when compared to the Rays and Tampa Bay Lightning.

11 Responses to “Rays Ticket Woes Welcome At One Buc Place”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    Let’s see there is a recession going on…

    People are worried about their jobs…

    Disposable income is less than it was before…

    Energy bills have increased, hours worked decreased and economic uncertainity reigns supreme…

    Ticket prices have increased for non-essential sporting events…

    Does it really take a rocket scientist to understand that people are going to spend less?

  2. Pete Says:

    I doubt the Bucs will be super pleased with the ticket sales this year and probably less so next year.

    Tampa and Florida is a football market no doubt but if the prices rise next year and the economy is still lousy (despite the stuff coming out of Washington) all bets are off.

    Heck the Bandits and probably the Storm did better than the non-football sports.

  3. kyle Says:

    It’s a lock the Rays are going to leave town after this disaster. What a joke. Agree the Bucs are feeling better about now.

  4. Larry Says:

    I was just saying to my wife that Tampa Bay doesn’t deserve the Rays. If I lived within 25 miles of St Pete, I’d be there 40 times a year minimum. What a great young ballclub and exciting to watch. Unfortunately, I had to learn to travel the 130 miles to go to only non-Yankee games ’cause I hate to hear a Ray’s pitcher booed when he throws to first to keep the runner close. Come on Tampa Bay learn to love them before they’re gone.

  5. mr. Lucky Says:

    If the Glazers were smart (no doubt they are great businessmen) that should pay the owners of the Rays to move the Rays to say Carolina…then those disposable $ could be used for more Bucs merchandise/tickets/etc.,

    Sorry guys but the Rays are just a losing cause. There is just too much to do in the Tampa area and those disposable $ don’t convert to baseball attendance.

  6. mr. Lucky Says:

    If you want to increase Rays attendance do this:

    Get slot machines approved for the Trop

    In particular the penny slots….

    Heck put littler versions on the armrests in the outfield seats too. Then have SunCruz run a shuttle to the retirement centers… 😉

  7. Mike Says:

    The Rays just got good last year folks! Give them a little more time and give the economy more time. As of July the unemployment rate in Florida was 11%! plus games in the middle of the week traditionally draw less people.
    It took a few years of the Buc’s finally winning to bring heavy attendance.
    Give the Rays the same chance.

  8. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    Slot machines at baseball parks will happen when Rachel Watson appears on Joe’s front door.

  9. Joe Says:


    I was just saying to my wife that Tampa Bay doesn’t deserve the Rays.

    Sadly, Joe came to this conclusion last year.

    Joe is still of the belief that at some point, this franchise will be known as the New Jersey Rays.

  10. polkcountydude Says:

    The Rays need to move to Tampa. More than half the area the Rays draw attendance from is water. Also, the Rays heavily market their product to families. School just started and it’s a weeknight. Therefore, there is lackluster attendance.

  11. mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe: “Slot machines at baseball parks will happen when Rachel Watson appears on Joe’s front door”

    They said blackjack would never happen in Florida either! Been to a Hard Rock lately?

    Joe when Rachel knocks on the door don’t answer it in your undies – just offer her a Caybrew and enjoy 😉