Freeman’s Development Has To Be Suffering

September 15th, 2009

Before the Bucs fired Jeff Jagodzinski and named quarterbacks coach Greg Olson offensive coordinator, Raheem The Dream was touting Olson as the ideal detail-obsessed, after-practice mentor for rookie Josh Freeman.

Olson, obviously, now has way more responsibilities than managing the three-man quarterbacks room and grooming the “franchise” QB.

Heck, Olson is calling plays, developing game plans and likely watching much more film. All that has to take priority over developing Freeman and suck up a ton of his time.

So Joe has to wonder, what gives? Olson is listed by the Bucs as offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach. Is a new quarterbacks coach on the way? If not, why not? Is Freeman missing out?

Surely the Bucs recognize the importance of having a QB coach always there for Freeman, as the 21-year-old tries to live up to his five-year, $36 million contract. 

And Joe is extremely concerned that Olson could move on after this season, especially if the Bucs’ offense keeps putting up 400+ yards a game. That couldn’t be good for Freeman. Olson is only under contract through this year, reported

Olson, who potentially could be a head coaching candidate, is in an unbelievable negotiating position with the Bucs for a new contract. And the Glazers might not want to open their pocketbooks.

The Bucs might be very wise to find a Freeman a mentor now who can work with Olson but will definitely be here next season.

5 Responses to “Freeman’s Development Has To Be Suffering”

  1. polkcountydude Says:

    I suspect that QBs, both backups and starters, spend nearly as much time if not more, following every move of their offensive coordinator, particularly in season. I’m sure a half-decent NFL OC tries to involve their QBs in the game planning process. Greg Olson’s promotion might even be a positive to Freeman’s development because, combined with their supposedly good relationship, Freeman will gain valuable experience in game planning and the day-to-day running of an offense.

    This idle speculation comes with an important caveat though: none of us will ever be able to judge whether the firing of Jags and the subsequent promotion of Olson will hurt or help Freeman’s development.

  2. SensibleFan Says:

    Good point Joe. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Maybe the Bucs could hire the QB coach from the Jets – you now the guy who got Sanchez ready to START on day one and beat Houston? I mean Josh Freeman said that he was a better QB than Sanchez so it shouldn’t be that hard right?

  4. Crotchity McGee Says:

    For those of you younger than Crotchity you may not recall a fine looking boy with orange whispy hair named Mr. Gailey who lead the University of Florida Football Gators under center as QB in the early 1970’s. Not sure if the Glazers are willing to pay to add another member to this staff conisdering all the money they owe to fired coaches, but Chan’s is a name that would be interesting to keep an eye on. Rumor has it the Dominator asked KC for permission to interview him in the off-season before we hired Jag-off when he was still under contract as the Chiefs O.C. and they said no. With Chan now unemployed and possibly looking for work, the Bucs could add an experienced piece of the puzzle with him as QB coach. He obviously has a head coaching background (Dallass & GaTech) and could help current Bucs O.C. Mary-Kate groom ‘Fro-man. With Gailey on staff it would possibly reduce Mary-Kate’s contract negtotiating power for ’10 and beyond should the Bucs continue to put up 450yds a game on a regular basis.

  5. J Lynch says Says:

    Greg Olson ruined Rex Grossmans career in chicago. He looks pretty good with Houston right now. Send Waterboy Morris Olson Tito and Lefty packing NOW