Second Example Of Someone Not Watching

September 15th, 2009

The King of Turds, not Mike Nugent, is to blame for Sunday's blocked field goal.

Earlier this morning Joe brought you an embarrassing example of an alleged expert not knowing what the hell they are talking about when it comes to the Bucs. Is it too much to ask if someone is going to talk about the Bucs that they at least should watch some game highlights?

Joe has another example of someone not doing their homework and sadly it comes from someone Joe normally respects, Mike Lombardi of the

Lombardi already is ready to wave the white flag on Bucs kicker Mike Nugent and lays a good amount of blame on the Bucs’ loss on Nugent for having a blocked field goal.

The Bucs might want to rethink their kicking situation as new kicker Mike Nugent missed two kicks Sunday, one blocked and one wide right from 46. The Bucs’ offensive line played well and had some chances in the game. With Derrick Ward, Cadillac Williams, Kellen Winslow and Antonio Bryant behind a good line, they’ll move the ball.

While on face value Lombardi has a good point, Joe can’t blame Nugent for the blocked field goal. Had the King of Turds made a block like he was supposed to, Nugent’s field goal wouldn’t have been blocked.

The jury is still out on whether Nugent was a good signing.

And memo to accountants and managers of national media organizations like the, (which also employs Lombardi) and BSPN: If you want talking heads who actually watch games and provide educated analysis for a modest price, e-mail Joe. He’s available.

Unlike some idiot who calls himself a scientist, Joe won’t embarrass you. But given the amount of unadulterated feces BSPN regularly manufactures and spits out on a daily basis, Joe’s pretty confident that four-letter outfit has no shame. Embarrassment and a lack of credibility is almost a badge of honor for those a-holes.

Guarantee you those SOBs watched every play Dallass had the ball.

7 Responses to “Second Example Of Someone Not Watching”

  1. Robert Says:

    I have never seen a holder call a timeout to ice his own kicker until Sunday. What a trainwreck.

  2. Joe Says:

    LOL Joe thought the same thing Sunday Robert. Joe doesn’t think he’s ever seen that, nor will see that again.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Joe I can read by your postabout ESPN that you really resport that outlet. I’m sure that after reading your posts they are just dying to hire you as their Bucs consultant. Way to attract those fly’s with lot of crap…

    With regard to Nuggent – I THOUGHT one of the main reasons to sign him was to get the kick offs into the endzone. I didn’t see any improvement over Matt Bryant’s kickoff’s.

  4. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    Mr. L, the reason Bryant was cut was to save money………

  5. JK Says:

    Amen to that TpaBayFly!!!

  6. phil Says:

    uh actually tpabayflyfisher, mike nugents salary was higher than bryants.

  7. Ricky Rubio Says:

    Nugent’s kicks were a good ten yards better than Bryant’s. The block was not Steven’s fault, I know you want to blame him for all the world’s ills (have you ever talked to him?) but if you actually watch the replay, it was Marcus Johnson’s fault. Bryant was cut because he didn’t compete in an open competition…didn’t kick for three weeks! Why on earth would any team keep a kicker who hasn’t kicked in 3 weeks because of injury? AND then runs his mouth on a radio show. Cutting him was the easiest decision all preseason I would imagine.