Someone Didn’t Do His Homework

September 15th, 2009

The Football Geek, eeerrr, the Football Scientist, breaks down the Bucs-Bills game this weekend. And this geek, eeerrr, scientist really needs to go back to his mom’s basement, I mean, laboratory, because he has severe misinformation.

This geek, eeerrr, scientist, claims since Ronde Barber can no longer play cornerback, he will get roasted by Lee Evans.

Something tells Joe that someone didn’t watch last Sunday’s Bucs game. Must be nice to get paid nice coin to be on a national sports network and not have a friggin’ clue to what you are talking about. Eh, par for the course with BSPN.

2 Responses to “Someone Didn’t Do His Homework”

  1. JB Says:

    What an idiot! Did this fool watch the Bucs vs. Cowboys game on Sunday?

    Hey Misinformed Moron (KC Joyner), did you know Ronde Barber is the first cornerback to have 20+ INT’s and 20+ Sacks in his career? If not, then now you know.

  2. Ricky Rubio Says:

    This guy needs a new hair piece. Fantasy expert, what the hell is that anyway? Are there dungeons and dragons experts?