Caddy Move For Extra Motivation

September 8th, 2009

No NFL player should need added inspiration on opening day. After all, every team has the same record, the crowds are going wild and hope is in the air.

Vacation Man, of, suggests one reason Cadillac Williams officially tops the Bucs running backs depth chart for Sunday’s game is because Caddy will spark the Bucs’ effort and is a popular guy with a helluva story.

But there’s also the possibility that designation is a reward for Williams and motivation for the rest of the team.
He’s also a veteran and a very popular figure in the locker room. Coach Raheem Morris very well may start Williams on Sunday against Dallas and the running back could play a significant role. 

Joe can’t disagree.

When Joe chatted with Davin Joseph recently, Joe did not share on their talk about Cadillac Williams.

Joseph glowingly told Joe what in inspirational figure Cadillac is.

“He’s had that [career’s-over] tag on him twice and look where he is today,” Joseph said. “If you can’t get inspired by him in the backfield, (laughs), I don’t know. You look at him and on the field and you’re just fired up.”

Joe, like Vacation Man, doesn’t believe the plan for Cadillac is to get the majority of work, but why not throw him out there for the first two series.

The Bucs desperately need to beat Dallas on Sunday. Any extra motivation is welcome.

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  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Aboluby Baby! Go Bucs!!!!!