Mysterious Bucs Make Wade Phillips Laugh

September 8th, 2009

Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips is a pretty boring, low-key speaker. He’s no Raheem The Dream.

But one thing did make him laugh at his Monday news conference, archived on the Cowboys’ Web site. Phillips smiled when talking about how little he’s seen of the Bucs’ first-unit offense on film.

“Basically the tight end and the two wide receivers (chuckle) haven’t played very much. All those guys are top players,” Phillips said.  …They could come out wingin it and they’ve got good people to throw it, too.

“Overall they’re a West Coast offense. …Some of the things are similar to what they did last year.”

Phillips goes on talk about how the Bucs still have “a lot of short, quick routes” in their offense and he praised Byron Leftwich for his defensive reads pre-snap (exactly what Bucs announcer Dave Moore said Josh Freeman is struggling with).

Joe’s glad the Bucs have shown little of the A-Team passing game on film.

That can’t hurt, especially when Joe expects Antonio Bryant comes out playing angry with a massive chip on his shoulder and ready to put the Bucs on his back in a contract year. (Joe can dream, can’t he?)

One Response to “Mysterious Bucs Make Wade Phillips Laugh”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    God I HOPE you’re right Joe but Mr. Lucky is really pissed about the Bucs passing situation.

    1. Antonio Bryant – gets the franchise tag and the 9+ million isn’t enough to feed his family? Ok I understand that kids and relatives can eat alot but then he waits to have the knee scoped and miss the entire preseason? Now I’m supposed to believe that against Dallas Bryant is going to return to his 2008 form and catch 8+ passes for 150 yards? Right. 🙁

    2. Michael Clayton – I’ve been giving Clayton a pass because of his doghouse relationship (love/hate) with Gruden but Clayton didn’t look at that impressive in HIS preseason quarter. PLUS Michael got a nice fat contract as well. Is he going to return to his rookie season? Right 🙁

    3. Kellen Winslow – I was all in favor of bringing Kellen on board. I was doubly impressed with his work with the youth of Tampa. But private Winslow (yeah forget that Sergant – he’s gotta earn that) has been MIA for the preseason. Is the staph infection over yet? 🙁

    Crap I’m beginning to sound like the pessimist BUT…

    Sunday is fast approaching and it’s put up or shut up.

    I don’t expect the Bucs to look like the Rams “Greatest Show on Turf” but I would like to see some nice completions at Ray Jay and I don’t want them coming from the USF Bulls.